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Fallout 4 companion app brings your in-game Pip-Boy to your phone

Bring your Pip-Boy on the go thanks to the Fallout 4 companion app "Fallout Pip-Boy". We went hands-on with the app to show it's features and share our thoughts in this quick video.

Google helps you control all your data in a new About Me page

Google knows it can be difficult managing all of the privacy settings on its various services, so it's attempted to simplify it by bringing them all together into one location. The new About Me page has everything it knows about you in one…

How to see automatically back up your apps in Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Android Marshmallow now supports auto backups for app data, which means that things will be a lot easier when buying a new phone. Unfortunately, not all apps are compatible yet. Here's how to find out which ones are and how the feature…

Google may take hardware by the horns and make its own smartphone

Google may finally make its own smartphone, according to unnamed sources. The head of Android and other executives are reportedly in talks, discussing the possibility of a Google phone.

Thousands of cheap tablets sold on Amazon have Trojans pre-installed

Security researchers at Cheetah Mobile have found more than 30 manufacturers with Trojan-infected tablets for sale on Amazon and thousands have allegedly been shipped to customers.
Cool Tech

This friendly little robot will read stories to your kids, and teach you yoga 3:08

Alpha 2 is a small, friendly robot who works like your smartphone, but can also talk, read stories, and has enough movement to teach you yoga. He's the focus of a new crowdfunding campaign.

5 ways Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 processor will empower your next phone

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 brings several cool new features to upcoming Android smartphones including ultrasonic fingerprint scanning, malware detection, virtual reality, better low-light photos, and more.

Apple Music goes live for Android users on Google Play store 3:06

Apple have released an Android version of their previously iOS-exclusive Apple Music app, aiming to engage smartphone users regardless of what operating system they prefer to listen through.

Blocks modular smartwatch will be a phone, with AT&T and EE providing the coverage

Taking cues from Google's Project Ara smartphone, Blocks' modular approach to the watch makes it very interesting. The company started its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign on October 13.

Huawei's rumored P9 and P9 Max may use super fast, energy efficient new processor

Rumors are gathering Huawei is working on the successor to the P8, it's gorgeous 2015 flagship smartphone. The P9 may also be joined by the P9 Max, and we've got all the rumors and leaks regarding the phones right here.

Say hello to two of the cheapest smartwatches around, courtesy of China

The race to the bottom in the world of smartwatches is heating up, as Oukitel and Bluboo announced the $70 A29 and the $50 Uwatch, respectively. However, one has to wonder how much these companies gave up to get to these ridiculous prices.
Product Review

LG V10 Review

New king of cams: LG's eagle-eyed V10 outshoots the iPhone.