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Lenovo's touch keyboard/tablet combo, the Yoga Book, now available to pre-order

Lenovo has opened up pre-orders for its unique Yoga Book 2-in-1 tablet. This device comes packed with a second touchscreen for typing and writing, eliminating the need for a standard physical keyboard and keeping the closed unit super thin.

Google’s new Trips app aims to help with the stress of planning your itinerary

Google's new Trips app for iOS and Android collates your trip itineraries, plus recommends sights and attractions you're most likely to enjoy based on search history and crowdsourced data.

Google Photos improves sharing, adds ‘creative concepts’ for mini-videos

A new update for Google Photos adds faster sharing features, but also introduces a new "creative concepts" function for those mini-films of your trips the Assistant creates. They will be created using a specific style or concept.

Google wants to help you find new ebooks to read on Google Play Books

Looking for a new book to read? Google is here to help -- the company has launched a new 'Discover' tool for Google Play Books, aimed at helping you find the best new books to read based on your reading history.

Apple's iPhone 7 puts Galaxy Note 7 to shame in real-world performance test

We already knew that the iPhone 7 was a high performer in benchmarks, but it seems as though it dominates in real-world tests, too -- a video has been published pitting the new phone against the Galaxy Note 7, showing just how powerful it…

Sony's Xperia X Compact is available in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg

Sony's high-end smartphones are traditionally accompanied by cheaper, smaller handsets. The Xperia X Compact packs many of the Xperia XZ’s best traits in a diminutive package, but does come at a cost. Find out how it stacks up here.

In a mad dash to dethrone Apple, Samsung overextended its suppliers

Samsung execs learned that Apple wasn't going to offer new major features in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and seized the chance to "dazzle consumers" with the Galaxy Note 7. An earlier release date forced suppliers to meet new deadlines.

Samsung sells shares in four companies to cover Galaxy Note 7 recall costs

Samsung announced that it had unloaded shares in four companies, with total proceeds exceeding $885.85 million. This will help Samsung cover the costs of the Note 7 recall that is expected to set the company back over $1 billion.

Samsung is facing a lawsuit, and yes, it’s over the Galaxy Note 7

Florida resident Daniel Strobel filed a lawsuit against Samsung over the company's Galaxy Note 7 and its faulty battery, making it the first and only lawsuit of its kind so far. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages.

Download these 5 apps to fight off flying monkeys, take 360-degree photos, and more

Hunting for new apps to try out on your shiny new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus? Take a look at some in our best apps of the week, including the new iOS Cardboard Camera app from Google, and Oz: Broken Kingdom.

Incipio’s Offgrid Galaxy S7 Edge case boosts battery life and supports wireless charging 4:11

If your Galaxy S7 Edge keeps running out of power, the Incipio Offgrid battery case is for you. This case offers an extra 3,700mAh of power and supports wireless and QC 2.0 pass-through charging.

Keep the fire going with these 10 apps for couples

When you're in a relationship, you should always try to keep that fire burning. Here are 10 romantic apps to help you stay closer to your loved one, whether you're in need of a date suggestion or a safe space.