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One of Android Wear’s most needed features is being tested by Google

Google may be working on integrating Android Pay with Android Wear, its smartwatch operating system, based on code found inside a Google app update. The feature is considered a must-have for Android Wear to compete with Samsung Pay and…

Nokia fan? Those new phones you’re waiting for may arrive at Mobile World Congress 2017

Gathering evidence points to Nokia and HMD Global using Mobile World Congress 2017 as the launchpad for its new smartphones. Both companies have a strong presence already confirmed at the show.

Barnes & Noble’s $50 Nook fights Amazon’s Fire tablet for your holiday dollars

Barnes & Noble unveiled the new Nook, the company's first in-house tablet in over four years. With a $50 price tag, the Nook is expected to directly compete with Amazon's own cheap Fire tablet.

To find its future, Hasselblad had to look back to its past

Hasselblad has left a difficult few years behind it, and launched a camera that takes its founder's original vision and brings it right up to date. We visited the company and discovered the passion driving it forward.

OnePlus 3 vs. OnePlus 3T: Is the new phone worth the price bump?

OnePlus has taken the wraps off the forthcoming OnePlus 3T, which boasts a number of improvements over the last-gen OnePlus 3. But does a quicker processor and an improved camera justify the $40 price bump?

Download these 5 great apps to digitize old photos and create 360-degree videos

Thanksgiving is nearly here, and you'll need a few apps to keep the arduous turkey-roasting process out of your mind for a few hours. This week, we've got an app from Google that will make your grandparents love you, and more.

Google Shop marks company’s first serious steps into the world of physical retail

Google launched Google Shop, the company's first serious foray into the world of physical retail. For now, Google Shops will only be available in the U.K. and Canada, though things could change.

Don’t be afraid of using your Galaxy S7: Samsung says it’s just fine

Hoping to remove fears that the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will be like the Note 7, Samsung assured customers that there are no confirmed reports of internal battery failures regarding the two phones.

Huawei's Mate 9 Lite is a slightly watered-down powerhouse with dual cameras

Huawei announced the Mate 9 Lite, the newest addition to the Mate 9 family that lives up to its name in more ways than one. The phone will be available in China in three different colors.

Xiaomi's smaller version of the Mi Mix, called the Mix Nano, will soon be released

Don't glance at the Mi Mix and think it's nothing more than a concept phone. It's real, in production, and coming in December. Xiaomi made the first edgeless smartphone with a screen-to-body ratio of 91 percent, and it looks spectacular.

Updated Ski Utah app tracks all the fresh snow you shred this year

Updated for the 2016-2017 season, the Ski Utah app is compatible with Snocru to keep track of the amount of vert and fresh powder you ski this season, as well as the number of total runs, best speed, and more.

NYC district attorney says smartphones should be ‘answerable to search warrants’

In Manhattan, there are 423 Apple devices that have been lawfully seized since October 2014. The reason they're sitting around like bricks? NYC District Attorney Cyrus Vance points to Apple's default device encryption in iOS 8.