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Pixel Pass gets you plenty of value for just $45 per month

Today, Google launched its Pixel Pass plan, a payment system for buying the new Pixel and Pixel 6 Pro, two phones that the company also officially announced today.

Pixel Pass is a payment service that lets you pay for your Pixel and a slew of Google services over the next two years. It starts at $45 per month if you’re buying the Pixel 6 and $55 per month if you’re buying the Pixel 6 Pro. You’ll also be able to upgrade periodically, with Google letting you recycle your phone to gain access to a new one along with a ton of subscriptions and added value.

Aside from access to Pixel phones, Google gives you YouTube Premium, which provides access to ad-free YouTube and YouTube Music, 200GB of Google One Storage, the Google Play Pass, and a Preferred Care coverage plan. It is a tempting plan that is analogous to the iPhone Upgrade Program and Apple One, both of which have elements of Google’s Pixel Pass plan.

“You can subscribe to Pixel Pass on the Google Store or with a phone plan on Google Fi. When you subscribe to Pixel Pass on the Google Store, you save up to $294 over two years,” Google explained in a blog post. “Plus, your Pixel phone is unlocked, so it works with all major carriers. And if you subscribe through Google Fi with a phone plan, you can save an additional $5 off your monthly Fi plan, totaling up to $414 in savings over two years.”

You can buy the Pixel Pass with the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro today either directly on the Google Store or via Google Fi. If you’d rather buy the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro outright, the company will sell it to you from $599 for the Pixel 6, with carriers offering various trade-in deals to subsidize your purchase if you sign on for their own payment plans.

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