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Xbox 360 Storage, Cases & Skins Buyers Guide

The Xbox 360 by itself can have a pretty vanilla look for many despite its innovative design. It can also be a pain to haul around when you go on a trip or over to a buddy’s house because of all the cabling. There’s a great selection of storage, cases and skins out there to make your Xbox 360 travel in style or look good while you mash away at the buttons on your controller. For some great ideas on these types of Xbox 360 accessories, read on.

Nyko GameFace 360Nyko GameFace 360
The GameFace 360 from Nyko is one of the most versatile faceplate kits currently available for the Xbox 360. This two piece faceplate is designed to hold templates you put your personal touch to via downloadable software. With this software you can create faceplate templates of game characters, photos, images and more. These creations are printed onto included blank templates which then fit between the faceplate pieces. Six pre-printed designs are included as well. The Nyko GameFace 360 has a retail price of $19.99 USD. Company Website; Compare Prices

Gears of War Case by MadCatzMadCatz Gears of War Console Case for Xbox 360
Store your Xbox 360 in style with the Gears of War Console Case from MadCatz. This limited edition storage case is decorated with the “Crimson Omen” signature icon and has a black diamond finish with gamer graffiti designs. Inside one finds mesh storage pockets and a soft interior to house your console, controllers and other accessories. Other built-ins include reinforced impact corners and dual keyed locks. Pick yours up for $59,99 USD. Company Website

Intec Vertical StandIntec Vertical Stand with Game & Memory Storage
The Intec Vertical Stand offers a simple and effective way for organizing your Xbox 360 and video games. It allows you to secure your video game console in a vertical position and is finished with a chrome look to match the Xbox 360. The stand is also capable of holding up to ten game cases and two memory cards. The Intec Vertical Stand costs about $14.99 USD. Company Website; Compare Prices

Naki G-PakNaki G-Pak 360 Console Organizer & Travel Case
Bridging the gap between storage and stands you can play from is the Naki G-Pak 360. This travel case actually lets you play directly from it via a fold down cable flap in the back which allows for television hook up. The G-Pak 360 has thick inner lined padding and a carrying handle to help transport your Xbox 360 around town. There are also fan vents for cooling, a removable game disc holder and slots for additional memory units. The Naki G-Pak costs $29.99 USD. Company Website; Compare Prices

MadCatz Xbox 360 Traansport SystemMadCatz Xbox 360 System Transport
The MadCatz Xbox 360 System Transport puts the burden of carrying your Xbox 360 on your back through its innovative backpack design. It’s built from weather resistant materials to help protect your investment from the elements and also sports padded side panels. Inside you’ll find form fitting controller cases, a zippered case for your power brick and cables and extra storage for other accessories and games. The System Transport also offers full access to your Xbox 360’s ports without needing to take the console out of the backpack. Grab yours for $69.99 USD. Company Website; Compare Prices