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More than free shipping: The many perks of Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is one of the best deals out there. For just $99 a year, you gain access to a long list of lucrative benefits, including free two-day shipping, discounts on select items, and special perks for Kindle readers and Instant Video watchers. In fact, there are quite a few benefits in total, some of which you may not even know you have. We’ve taken the liberty of listing out every feature of a Prime subscription, and what you can do with each one.

Free Two Day Shipping

This is likely the most well-known perk of Amazon Prime, and with good reason. One of the worst parts of online shopping is the wait from purchase to delivery. Prime’s two-day free shipping helps cut down the waiting time, getting your items to your quicker. Be sure to double check your orders, as some items and addresses are not eligible for free shipping.

Free Same-Day Shipping

Want your items even faster? Amazon Prime now offers free same-day shipping in most items. There are a couple of catches though: Your order must be at least $35, for one, and you must ship to an eligible ZIP code. Cities like LA, Seattle, and San Francisco are all eligible. To see if your ZIP qualifies, check out Amazon’s handy map. If you meet the requirements, you can expect your items to show up by 9 p.m. local time.

Prime Instant Video

Amazon’s video streaming service has been around for a while, but in recent month it has become a real competitor to services like Hulu and Netflix. Amazon Prime even has its own growing library of original content, such as the headline-grabbing alternate history thriller The Man in the High Tower, as well as plenty of well-known TV shows and movies available.

Video Add-On Subscriptions

In addition to Prime Instant video, being an Amazon Prime member enables you to purchase add-on video subscriptions to other services like Showtime, Star, Comedy Central Stand Up, and more. You can check out the list of available add-ons here.

Video Game Discounts

This is a recent addition. Amazon Prime members will now get a 20-percent discount off the price of new games. The discount applies to the physical version of games, and is available for both pre-orders and new games during the first two weeks after their release. This is likely to save you $10-$12 on full-priced games.

Prime Music

Much like its video streaming service, Amazon’s music streaming platform Prime Music has come into its own as a viable alternative to Spotify, Apple Music, or Google Play Music. Your Prime membership nets you a subscription to Prime Music, allowing for ad-free streaming of over a million songs and albums, and specialized Prime Playlists, on a long list of devices.

Kindle Lending Library

Amazon Kindle

Each month, Prime Members can download one book from the Kindle Lending Library to read on their phone, tablet, or e-reader. You get just one free borrow a month, but the books you borrow do not have any due date. Check out more info here.

Kindle First

Each month, the Kindle editors make picks from new books to be featured as their monthly Editors’ Picks. Prime members can then download one of the six books at a free or reduced price each month, before the official publication date.

Prime Photos

Amazon’s Cloud Drive service gives you your own chunk of cloud storage to save your photos and other data. While you can subscribe to an annual Cloud Drive plan regardless of whether you have a Prime account, Prime members receive free, unlimited storage for photos and 5GB of storage for videos and other files (the same benefits as an $11.99/year Cloud Drive plan).

Prime Pantry

Few things sound as nice as getting your grocery shopping done from home, or even on your phone. Prime Pantry allows you to do just that. For a flat $5.99 shipping fee, you can shop for everything from food and nutrition to grooming and household products. Unfortunately, customers living in Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico do not have access to Prime Pantry. Don’t blame the messenger.

Amazon Elements

Similar to Prime pantry, Prime subscribers have full access to Amazon’s very own line of everyday items. At this time, Prime Elements mostly offers a line of baby wipes. Of course, all are eligible for Amazon Prime shipping options.

Membership Sharing

If you’ve got another Amazon shopper living under your roof, include them in your Prime benefits by creating an Amazon Household. This will enable sharing of benefits between both shoppers. There are some restrictions and caveats, so be sure to check Amazon’s help page for more information.

Deals and Discounts off Amazon Family

Finally, Amazon Prime members enjoy discounts for baby items, such as a discount on diaper subscriptions and 15 percent off eligible items in your baby registry.