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These 177 dual-monitor wallpapers let you double down with style

There’s a good deal of advantages to utilizing dual monitors, but low-resolution wallpapers isn’t one of them. Fortunately, there’s a slew of dual-monitor wallpapers that allow you to retain optimum screen real estate while showing off your gorgeous displays. Many of the wallpapers, culled from renowned sites such as InterfaceLIFT and DualScreen Wallpaper, span the entire length of your monitors in one cohesive image, while others essentially function as two separate images. After all, you don’t have to sacrifice the wealth of images on the Web just because you opted for a display — or two — and a little extra space to game and work with multimedia.

Here are our picks for the 105 best, dual-monitor wallpapers. Images span multiple categories, ranging from scenic panoramas and abstract patterns to iconic gaming icons and the depths of space, but nearly all of them adhere to different monitor resolutions.

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