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Bags with brains: Smart luggage and gadgets are making travel smoother

The bag you use to tote your stuff can affect the experience of any trip. Suitcases are wising up, and there are options for smart luggage with scales, tracking, and more.
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Nike Store in Paris lets customers test sneaker colors using augmented reality

French immersive technology company SmartPixels recently installed a video projection mapping machine in a Nike Store in Paris which allows customers to use augmented reality to preview custom shoe designs in real-time, using…
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Awesome new 'drone in a box' system can launch, land, and recharge itself autonomously

A new all-in-one drone solution takes the form of a box, which opens up to act as a launch pad for a drone, capable of carrying out autonomous missions, before returning to its home to charge.

A $300 price cut may make the Juicero juicer more attractive to potential buyers

Initially offered for $700, the Juicero juicer wasn't meant for the shallow of pocket. That has changed. Juicero has announced a significant price cut on its juicer, which you can now buy for $399, nearly half off its original price tag.
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Brain-reading technology could keep you alert at the wheel of your car

A company called Freer Logic has developed a smart car headrest which can monitor your brain activity as you drive, and make sure that your full focus is on the road in front of you.
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New battery technology uses miniature fire extinguisher to stop spontaneous combustion

Researchers at Stanford University have pioneered a system that extinguishes fires in overheating lithium-ion batteries. It's one of the quickest and most effective implementations yet.
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Ambulances in Sweden will be able to hijack car radios during emergencies

The new Swedish system is entering testing in Stockholm in 2017 with the goal of making the roads much safer for emergency professionals and everyday drivers alike.
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Incredible new 3D printed rocket is completely ready to launch after being assembled

Students at Inholland University of Applied Science in the Netherlands are 3D printing and launching their own rocket. And you can too, thanks to these free downloadable instructions.
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Consumer drones could carry more with twice the rotors, NASA experiment suggests

Doubling the number of rotors on a drone nearly doubles the trust, leading to larger weight capacities, a NASA experiment shows. The idea comes from a computer simulation showing how air moves around a consumer drone.
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World's tightest knot could lead to materials breakthroughs

Researchers at the U.K.’s University of Manchester have tied the tightest and smallest knot in the known universe. Made up of just 24 atoms, the nanoscale knot could help lead to breakthroughs in materials.

From appliances to robots, Alexa-supported devices were nearly everywhere at CES 1:47

More speakers, home automation products, and robots with support for Amazon's Alexa voice platform were announced at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this month. We took a look at a few.

Artificial intelligence can now predict heart failure, and that may save lives

Combining 3D models with eight years of patient health records, an AI system could learn which abnormalities signaled a patient's death, making predictions about five years into the future.