Emerging Tech
Emerging Tech

The key to next-gen 3D vision for autonomous cars is … praying mantis goggles?

Researchers may have discovered a new way to model computer vision systems and it's all thanks to a multi-year project that involves putting tiny 3D goggles on praying mantises.
Emerging Tech

If Apple designed a scooter, it would probably look a lot like The Eagle

Apple's Jony Ive doesn’t design scooters but if he did, we’re imagining they may well be along the lines of The Eagle, a forthcoming ultra-thin carbon fiber electric scooter coming in 2020.

Does a newly revealed patent show Apple's smartglasses of the future?

Apple AR glasses may be closer to reality than we thought. Here is everything we know so far about the augmented reality system, including the rumored specifications of Apple's Project Mirrorshades.
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MIT drones navigate more effectively in crowded spaces by embracing uncertainty

It sounds counterintuitive, but MIT's new drone piloting system allows drones to fly more efficiently in crowded spaces by embracing uncertainty about where they are at any one time.
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Ripple expands its domain and enters partnership with UAE Exchange

Ripple, the company behind XRP, has announced that it will be partnering with UAE Exchange to help provide support for international money transfers.
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7 Exotic technologies that were once science fiction, but now exist in reality

It’s no big surprise that engineers and scientists working in cutting edge tech are often inspired by science fiction. Here are seven examples of sci-fi gadgets engineers helped bring to life.
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Sir Patrick Stewart busts out the Shakespeare at the Sci-Tech Oscar Awards

In a lead-up to this year's Oscar Awards, scientific and technical innovation in the art of filmmaking, from animation to camera design, were recognized at the Sci-Tech Awards ceremony hosted by Patrick Stewart.
Emerging Tech

The newest weapon for the U.S. Marine Corps is a fleet of quadcopter drones

The U.S. military has begun rolling out quadcopter drones to every squad in the Marine Corps. The new devices will be used by soldiers in the field for everything from surveillance mapping to wargaming exercises.

BitGrail cryptocurrency exchange loses $170 million in Nano tokens

An Italian cryptocurrency exchange has reportedly lost about $170 million worth of Nano tokens. Bitgrail's founder denies responsibility for the loss, and law enforcement is investigating.

Adult content domains are home to half the sites using cryptomining malware

The practice of cryptomining by hijacking a user's CPU without permission to create new currency is expanding rapidly, and the vast majority of sites containing the intrusive software are ones that offer adult content.
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10 Valentine’s Day tech gifts to warm hearts with cold silicon

In need of a Valentine's Day gift for someone who prefers circuitry to chocolate? Skip the chocolates and flowers this Valentine’s Day, and go for one of these thoughtful tech gifts, for men, women, or anyone else.
Emerging Tech

SpaceX blew up its own booster rocket after it splashed down in the ocean

A booster rocket from a recent SpaceX launch survived a spashdown in the ocean, leading to a potentially hazardous situation. Although a military air strike was considered, the company took matters into its own hands.