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Here's a low-tech way to stop your high-tech gadgets being stolen this summer

Because you can't carry a regular, massive safe around to keep all your gadgets away from thieving hands while on vacation, Master Lock has come up with this ingenious, and decidedly low-tech, way of making sure your phone doesn't disappear…

Sci-Hub offers Pirate Bay-like simplicity to researchers around the world

Millions of scientists and researchers around the world download scientific papers illegally, for free, every month from Sci-Hub. It gives them access to everything, which might otherwise leave them in the hole for thousands of dollars.

Meet Otto, Samsung’s cute personal assistant robot that’s always watching you

Otto is a diminutive robot from Samsung that could one day help you control your smart home. Similar to Amazon's Echo device, Otto responds to voice commands, though also comes with an HD camera giving it home-security functionality.
Cool Tech

SpaceX wins $83M Air Force satellite launch contract, ending Lockheed/Boeing monopoly

SpaceX won an $83 million GPS satellite launch contract from the US Air Force on Wednesday. The contract covers Falcon 9 construction and operations, and brings an end to the decade-old Lockheed and Boeing monopoly on all military space…

Glassouse lets users control a mouse cursor with their eyes — and mouth

Inspired by his disabled friend's difficulty with using technology, Mehmet Nemo created Glassouse, a wearable device that lets users control a cursor without using their hands.
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This creepy snake-like robot is designed to fix equipment on the ocean floor

Developed by engineers at Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Konsberg Maritime, and Statoil, Eelume, the snake-like robot, will live on the ocean floor and help maintain deep sea equipment.
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A German designer’s AR pingpong table reacts to every shot

We've come a long way since the 1970s, both in terms of our political relations with China and in terms of technology, and now, one interaction designer has created an augmented reality tool that can take your pingpong game to the…
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Supercharge your next camping trip with BioLite’s new solar panel and LED lantern

To test out BioLite's new ultraportable solar panel and slim LED lantern, we packed them out for a weekend-long camping trip in Arizona. Check out the video to see how they held up!
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Bioluminescent sharks use their glow to communicate in the deep, dark ocean

Bioluminescent sharks use their green glow to communicate with each other at extreme ocean depths, intensifying brightness the deeper they swim.

Smarten your style with these 6 pieces of high-tech smart jewelry

Bracelets, rings, and necklaces aren't the same as they once were. Check out our picks for the best smart jewelry, whether you're into notification vibrations or in-depth fitness metrics.
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Incredible DIY synesthesia mask gives you the ability to smell colors — without taking drugs

Zachary Howard invented a synesthesia mask that lets you simulate what it's like to smell color, one of the many types of crossed senses that synesthetes experience. Thanks to Howard's step-by-step instructions, now you can make…