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Incredible battery uses light to charge itself, but without solar panels

Scientists are in the early stages of creating a battery that uses molecular solar cells to charge, so it will never need plugging into the mains, or removing from the device it powers, and doesn't have actual solar panels attached.
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The burger of the future comes from crickets, not cows

Agriculture has come a long way in the past century. We produce more food than ever before -- but our current model is unsustainable, and as the world’s population rapidly approaches the 8 billion mark, modern food production methods will…
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Can tech help us feed a population of 9 billion-plus? Welcome to the Future of Food

Over the next few decades, global food production will need to scale up tremendously to keep pace with humanity's growing population. Can technological advances help us feed all those hungry mouths, or are we doomed to starvation?
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Kitty Hawk Flyer is an ultralight flying machine for you to ride at the beach 2:21

Google co-founder Larry Page has shared a video of the Kitty Hawk Flyer, a new ultralight electric flying machine that is set to debut sometime this year. Here is everything we know about it so far.
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DJI's first FPV goggles are here — and they will control your drone, too

Drone giant DJI launched its first pair of first-person view goggles, which allow you to turn the camera with your head. DJI Goggles are compatible with several drones and your video game console, too.
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3D-printed zoetrope spins to create a stunning moving picture

Created by renowned British artist Mat Collishaw, this stunning 3D-printed zoetrope is made up of a three-dimensional model which gives the illusion of movement when it's spun at 60 rpm.
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One day soon we may be able to treat jet lag using only eye drops

Researchers at the U.K.’s University of Edinburgh have discovered a new link between the eye and the human body clock. The findings could one day lead to eye drops to eliminate jet lag.
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Pro pilots can now get a 6-mile reach from the Inspire 2 and Matrice 200 drones

DJI Inspire 2 and Matrice 200 owners have a slew of new flight accessories thanks to DJI's latest announcements. A new controller, screens, antenna and customer care plan are designed for the company's high-end drones with high-end price…
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Startup wants to build ‘robot brothel’ in London, complete with lifelike AI escorts

Spanish company Lumi Dolls wants to take its robot brothel business global. Having started in Barcelona, the company now hopes it'll be on its way to London. Next stop? Global domination. Maybe.
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Performers get real-time appearance changes with Disney's Makeup Lamps

The system works by adjusting to facial expressions without the need for specific markers, enabling it to project colors or textures, such as facial hair, wrinkles, simulated lighting, and makeup during live performances.
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The earth’s got some space junk in its trunk, and the situation is not good 12:34

In this video, the European Space Agency takes us from outer space to Earth, depicting the exponentially worsening space debris problem along the way. Without a solution, humanity may soon find space travel impossible.

Say hello to the Halo, an 8K, 3D, 360-degree pro camera that’s super portable

Running Google's Jump software, the Yi Halo is the only rig of its kind to use an up-view camera. The 8K, stereoscopic camera is also more portable than most, weighing less than eight pounds.