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Cool Tech

NASA wants to 3D print habitats with metal extracted from Martian soil

NASA teamed up with University of Central Florida professor Sudipta Seal to study Martian soil (regolith) and, hopefully, devise a way to extract metals that could then be used to 3D print a human habitat.
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Arena-sized VR experiences should explode in numbers soon due to OptiTrack

OptiTrack launched a new tracking system for out-of-home theme park-style VR experiences. The new system is capable of keeping up with multiple users and their carried/worn objects in areas filled with walls and stationary items.
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A college student turned his Honda Civic into a self-driving car for $700 3:21

As an early beta tester for the self-driving car tech Comma, college student Brevan Jorgenson used the company's software, a 3D printer, and some other tech to turn his Honda Civic into an autonomous car.
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The Apollo 11 space capsule is being prepped for another mission

The Apollo 11 capsule, which transported the first astronauts to the moon and back, is about to embark on a road trip. The traveling exhibition will celebrate the approaching 50th anniversary of the first moon landing.
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Roam Robotics’ lightweight, affordable exoskeleton designed for everyday folks

Forget metal and motors, San Francisco-based Roam Robotics is building exoskeletons out of plastic and fabrics -- and they give up much in terms of power compared to their bulkier rivals.

New translucent cooling material could revolutionize the AC industry

Modern mechanical air conditioning units work wonders but at the expense of a ton of energy. Because of this, a team of researchers at the University of Colorado developed a radiative cooling material that uses zero energy.
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Underwater virtual reality will give you anything but a sinking feeling

What would happen if you combine VR with sensory deprivation tanks? That idea helped spawn this unique waterproof headset, which could help simulate sensations like weightlessness.
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New VR game lets you experience the sinking of the Titanic, and explore the wreckage too

Titanic VR puts gamers in the role of a survivor onboard the ship prior to its sinking and aboard a submersible exploring the wreckage. The developers have turned to research books and thousands of pages documents to ensure…
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Holographic 3D printer uses lasers to print thousands of times faster than its rivals 1:10

Think you've seen it all when it comes to 3D printing? Daqri's forthcoming hologram-powered 3D printer carries out its prints using green lasers and a tub of goo. Oh, and it's super fast, too.
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NASA just discovered 7 Earth-sized exoplanets, 3 in the habitable zone of a dwarf star

Seven Earth-sized planets have been discovered around a star 39 light-years away. Three of these were found to orbit the star’s goldilocks zone, the single largest haul of habitable zone planets around a single star.

Here's how Qualcomm wants to bring 5G to the masses

5G is well and truly on its way, and while carriers toil away on their development, Qualcomm could be a driving force in the new tech. In fact, the company has successfully tested a number of 5G-related technologies.
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Progress in brain-computer interface gives paralyzed patients more control

Working with three paralyzed patients, researchers have implanted tiny silicone sensors into the subjects’ brains, allowing them to eavesdrop on the electrical activity of brain cells.