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Milk may replace plastic when it comes to wrapping our food

We'll soon be turning to "an environmentally friendly film made of the milk protein casein," which is purportedly "500 times better than plastics at keeping oxygen away from food."

Whill’s 4WD Model M makes campgrounds and parks wheelchair-accessible

Thanks to a 3-inch ground clearance and a 4WD system that links the front and back wheels, Whill's Model M wheelchair can move on uneven terrain and even on low-traction surfaces, such as light snow.
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Back in touch! NASA has just made contact with a lost spacecraft after nearly two years

Boy, those folks at NASA never give up. Having lost contact nearly two years ago with a spacecraft millions of miles from Earth, mission operators on Sunday announced they'd successfully reestablished a communications link.

This eco-friendly ‘Shed of the Year’ looks good enough to live in

You may well suggest that this three-room shed is not a shed but instead a small apartment, but it's nevertheless just won the award for Britain's best shed.
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Drones are now the delivery method of choice for contraband-craving Brit prisoners

It's not just the U.S. authorities that are having trouble with drones flying contraband over prison fences. It's happening just about everywhere, including in the U.K., where cops recently intercepted a machine carrying a huge stash of…
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Would you buy a hammock for your head?

If you always have difficulty nodding off on planes, trains, or possibly at your desk, the NodPod may be just the ticket. It's a kind of hammock for your head, enabling you to maintain a comfy position so you can hopefully catch…
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3D-printed prosthetic saves the life of Uga the injured tortoise

When a vet received a badly injured pet tortoise called Uga, he turned to cutting-edge additive printing methods to save its life. The result? One of the most heart-warming 3D-printing stories we've heard.

The Hinge transcends the one-size-fits-all toaster design

Most of us have probably never thought about the configuration of our toaster. We have just accepted that they are rectangles that need a significant amount of counter space. The Hinge toaster is looking to change all that.
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China just opened the world's longest glass bridge in Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon

Don't you dare look down. Unless you have a stomach of steel, which might make your internal organ seem like a stronger structure than the brand new glass bridge that just opened in China.
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Trance music hides secret messages in new encryption technique

Next time you find yourself dancing to trance music in a club, listen carefully to the tempo -- it may be sending you a message. It's not speaking to your heart; it actually is a new form of cryptography called "StegIbiza."

This app for iOS will help you easily test your water for lead 2:28

CitizenSpring, a new iOS app from Connected Future Labs, makes testing water sources for lead -- and spotting nearby contamination -- surprisingly easy. It has launched on Kickstarter.
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Researchers develop next-gen laser based on fluorescent jellyfish proteins

Researchers have demonstrated the world’s first polariton laser based on lab-grown, fluorescent jellyfish proteins -- which has the possibility of helping trigger major advances in fields such as optical computing.