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Cool Tech

It’s over for the Zano drone, Europe’s most heavily backed Kickstarter campaign 2:54

The Zano mini-drone promised so much when it landed on Kickstarter at the end of last year, its claims of personal aerial photography and HD video capture helping it to become Europe's most heavily backed campaign. This week…
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3DR Solo drone will soon alert you when you fly into restricted airspace

To make its drones even more safe to fly, 3DR is working with AirMap to add real-time airspace information to its Solo drone software. The new feature would alert a Solo drone operator when his or her UAV is approaching a restricted flight…
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ToyLabs makes STEM fun with its DIY, solar-powered airplane

Unlike other DIY airplane kits, ToyLabs new Volta Flyer mixes some science into the fun, allowing children to learn some mechanical engineering, flight mechanics, and electronics as they assemble the solar-powered flyer.

Polo’s fitting room is getting an upgrade with touchscreen mirrors and RFID detection

Oak Labs' smart fitting room and touch-sensitive mirror can check stock for you, which is better than sending the hovering salesperson on a blind run. Ralph Lauren's Polo flagship store on Fifth Avenue is the first to feature the…
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SpaceX may have won a major national security contract from the US military

Elon Musk's SpaceX may have finally won a national security contract, although it likely happened because Lockheed Martin and Boeing had to bow out at the last minute.
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Researchers at the University of Washington just developed a real-life ‘freeze ray’

A team of engineers at the University of Washington just successfully developed the world's first laser capable of cooling liquids instead of heating them. The infrared laser reportedly cooled a liquid by 36 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is cyber-sickness a 21st century plague?

Studies have found viewing digital content in a variety of forms can cause motion sickness, and that up to 80 percent of people are vulnerable to the problem.
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The Air Force’s new thermite torch liquifies metal locks in seconds

Sorry bad guys, terrorists, and other enemies of the state: your metal barriers and locks are no match for American ingenuity. A collaborative effort between the U.S. Air Force and defense contractor Energetic Materials and Products has…
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The North Face’s prototype ‘Moon Parka’ coat is made of synthetic spider silk 2:41

Japanese company Spiber has figured out a way to mass produce synthetic spider silk, and has now teamed up with The North Face to create a new jacket called the "Moon Parka," a prototype of which is now being shown at events…
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NASA is sending two robots to college, just not to learn 2:58

As per a recent press release from NASA, "Humanoid robots will be helpful to astronauts on our journey to Mars, so NASA has awarded prototypes to two universities for advanced research and development work."

This modular smartwatch morphs to suit your every need

Blocks’ modular smartwatch is taking Kickstarter by storm. We got an early look at what could become the one and only gadget we need in our lives.
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The Lion King’s Circle of Life gets the virtual reality treatment

The Lion King's opening number, Circle of Life, was given the virtual reality treatment with a 360-degree video released for viewers to get an immersive taste of the long-running Broadway show.