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Cool Tech

19-year-old builds robot that uses facial recognition to shine a laser in your eye

19-year-old student Michael Reeves has built a terrible robot which uses facial recognition tech to shine a laser into the eyes of anyone who dares use it. Why? We're not totally sure.
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A look inside the budding battle between cyborg supply startups

Implantable technologies may drive the next billion dollar tech industry. A handful of startups want to get in on the ground floor, before tech giants take over. But they have a tough road ahead.
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New graphene-based coating could make structures change color when they need repairs

All-round miracle material graphene has yet another transformative use case to add to the collection: Quickly and easily revealing when a man-made structure is in need of repairs by changing color. Is there anything it can't do?
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Ay caramba! Scientists think they’ve found Bart (and hidden ice) on asteroid

A team of scientists have discovered a variety of landslides on the Texas-sized asteroid Ceres thanks NASA’s Dawn spacecraft. Among the geological flow features was a familiar face they didn't expect to see.
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Submarines of the future could be piloted using virtual reality

U.K. defense company BAE Systems has been working on technology that allows submarines to be controlled using virtual reality headsets. The tech was shown off recently at the U.K.’s Virtual Reality World Congress.
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Russia’s deputy prime minister insists gun-toting robot is not a Terminator

Russia’s deputy prime minister took to Twitter last week to both praise and defend his country’s gun-toting space robot, FEDOR (Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research). But not everyone is convinced.
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Parkinson's disease may one day be treated by using a virus to reprogram brain cells

A team of scientists at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute have been working on a technique for reprogramming cells in the brain as part of what might one day be a cure for Parkinson’s disease.

The ultrasonic dryer can take clothes from wet to ready to wear in 20 minutes

Oak Ridge National Laboratory teamed up with the U.S. Department of Energy and GE to make an ultrasonic dryer prototype. Is uses five times less energy and dries clothes twice as fast as a conventional dryer.
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Mechanical engineering students at Michigan build giant working Rubik’s Cube

Fancy a bit of fun between your mechanical engineering classes? The University of Michigan’s G.G. Brown Building is currently home to a giant working Rubik’s Cube, weighing in at 2,400 pounds.
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Scientists want this CRISPR pill to one day replace antibiotics

Scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison want to stamp out antibiotic-resistant bacteria one pill at a time. Their weapons of choice are deception and a powerful gene-editing tool called CRISPR.
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Automated agriculture: Can robots, drones, and AI save us from starvation?

In their never-ending quest for increased efficiency, many farmers are now turning to agricultural robots to cut down on operation costs. But can automation give agriculture the boost it needs to meet the demands of 9 billion people?

The new Google Earth wants to take you on a voyage, and it starts at home

When it first launched in 2005, Google Earth put global imaging in the hands of everyday users. With the Google Earth relaunch this week, Google hopes to take you around the world from a different perspective.