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Score 70 percent off E-Element’s new multicolor backlit keyboard

Improve your PC gaming or just simply add some spice to your generic office computer with a bright, multicolor backlit keyboard, such as this one from E-Element. This newly released 2017 model of the E-Element Mechanical Keyboard with RGB Multicolor Backlit normally retails for nearly $200, with a list price of $190, but you can currently grab one on Amazon for only $56, saving you a substantial 70 percent, or $134 to be exact.

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E-Element Mechanical Keyboard with RGB Multicolor BacklitThis anti-ghosting, 104-key keyboard has N-key rollover, allowing multikeys to work simultaneously even at high speeds. Ideal for gamers, or even typists, each key is controlled by an independent switch and provides a very precise response when multiple keys are hit at the same time. Although it looks and responds like a gaming keyboard, this model also comes with numeric keys and functional shortcut keys, making it convenient for switching back and forth from work to play modes.

The keyboard features DIY blue switches that are as sensitive as they are responsive,  delivering “clicky” and tactile feedback. Of note, all keys also support switch DIY replacement.

Customize the keyboard to your liking by pressing FN+1-5 to enter the fixed game mode and then pressing FN+HOME to set the color of each key — no driver needed. There are 10 different backlighting modes to make the keyboard stand out on your home or office desk.

E-Element Mechanical Keyboard with RGB Multicolor Backlit closeupThe colorful keyboard is crafted from a metal base, with high-quality ABS material, and is laser-etched. On the aesthetics end, it also has a non-slip design and is splashproof. Double-shot injection-molded keycaps deliver crystal clear backlighting, while a unique bicolor mold makes them strong and sturdy, so much so that each key can withstand up to 50 million clicks. The keyboard is easy to set up, as simple as plug and play, and the included keycap puller makes for hassle-free cleaning and maintenance. 

The new 2017 E-Element Mechanical Keyboard with RGB Multicolor Backlit is currently discounted by 70 percent, and is available on Amazon for only $56.

$56 on Amazon