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Looking for an iPad keyboard? This Apple Smart Keyboard is half off from Amazon

The right keyboard case for your tablet can easily convert your iPad to a 2-in-1 laptop. Logitech is a well-known brand but when it comes to Apple products, Apple tends to have exclusive accessories. If you were looking for a keyboard case for your 10.5-inch iPad Pro, Amazon has a great deal for you. Pick up the Apple Smart Keyboard for half off right now. The 10.5-inch iPad Pro recently got price cuts on Amazon and with Prime Day on the horizon be sure to check our Apple deals from Amazon page for other great discounts.

The Smart Keyboard can unfold when you need it and fold back up to become a durable cover for your iPad. It’s lightweight and super portable so you can take it everywhere you go this summer. There’s also no need for batteries or pairing. While it doesn’t cover your entire iPad the way other keyboard cases do, it does make use of the Smart Connector, meaning you don’t need to pair it via Bluetooth.

If you tend to type a lot and work from your iPad then having a physical keyboard for your iPad is going to be an essential iPad accessory for your device.

Apple’s 10.5-inch iPad Pro Smart Keyboard is similar to the 9.7-inch smart keyboard, with the same shallow key travel and overall great build quality. Like many Apple-branded products, however, this keyboard is pricey, but if you want ultimate compatibility and something that was built by Apple, then this should be your first choice. Make the most out of your iPad with a practical keyboard that feels laptop-like and has seemingly endless battery life.

A $150 iPad keyboard might be a lot for your wallet but if you want to stick to first-party accessories take advantage of this great deal. Upgrade your 10.5-inch tablet with one of the best compatible keyboards, now half off from Amazon.

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