The best iPad keyboard cases for every iPad

Type away on the best iPad keyboard cases, from the Mini to the Pro

You’ll find some basic components when you first unpack an iPad, including the power adapter, user manual, and charging cable, but a keyboard isn’t among them. While the iPad’s functionality has expanded since its initial inception in 2010, many people consider Apple’s tablet incomplete without a physical QWERTY keyboard. Thankfully, there are tons of great keyboards designed to connect to your iPad via Bluetooth for increased mobile productivity.

Finding the perfect keyboard can be exhausting, given that some third-party keyboards are poorly designed or overly expensive, but there are some quality options if you know where to look. We picked out several favorite options for each model to help you determine which may be the best for your situation.

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Best keyboards for the iPad Mini 5

Arteck iPad Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Folio Stand


The first thing you notice about any iPad keyboard case is its appearance, and this lightweight design is made to complement the elegant sophisticated style of the iPad mini while still offering durable protection. The keyboard layout has larger keys for more comfortable typing and connects wirelessly via Bluetooth. Built-in hinges allow the device to be tilted up to 130 degrees for comfortable viewing. The keyboard cover features the auto sleep/wake function, which is activated by opening and closing the lid. One hour of charging yields some 50 hours of uninterrupted use.


Logitech Focus Protective Case

Logitech FOCUS Protective Case with Integrated Keyboard for iPad Mini 4

This protective case with a built-in Bluetooth keyboard ticks all the boxes. There’s a rugged shell for drop protection, with all the cutouts you need for easy access. The cover folds back to act as a stand and triggers the automatic sleep and wake function of your iPad Mini 4 or 5, so it comes to life when you open the cover. The keyboard is reasonably well-spaced with concave keys and a row of iOS shortcuts. You should be able to get around six months out of the rechargeable battery before having to plug in.

Fintie Blade X1 Keyboard Case

Fintie Blade X1 Keyboard Case

Looking for something affordable? This case from Fintie is very reasonably priced. Sure, it won’t be of the highest quality, but it will be fine for those who only occasionally need a keyboard. The case boasts a slim and lightweight design and comes in several colors and patterns, while still managing to offer enough protection in case you do happen to drop your device. A little worried about buying such a cheap keyboard? Well, the Amazon reviews speak for themselves — this case is an Amazon Choice and flaunts a respectable 4-star rating based on nearly 150 reviews.


Zagg Folio Case

Zagg Folio Tablet Keyboard and Case

Acting as a durable case as well as a keyboard, this Zagg case is perfect for protecting your device without adding too much bulk. One of the great things about this case is that it allows you to change the viewing angle, just like a normal laptop. As far as typing goes, the keys on this keyboard are well-spaced, making it quite comfortable to type on. While it does offer a Micro USB port for charging, you will rarely have to make use of that port, as the keyboard lasts several months on a single charge. When you’re on the go, you can also rest easy knowing that you likely won’t drop your iPad, as the case offers a textured finish and a little extra grip.

Best keyboards for the 2019 iPad Air (10.5-inch)

Brydge Keyboard

Brydge 10.5 Keyboard for iPad Air (2019)

It’s on the expensive side and it’s not a full case — just a keyboard that clamps onto your iPad Air — but the quality is excellent. Brydge keyboards are designed to match your iPad color perfectly, transforming it into a mini MacBook and come in silver, space gray, gold, and rose gold. The backlit keys are well spaced with plenty of travel, rubber padded clamps ensure that your iPad is firmly held in place and more pads prevent any contact with the screen when you close it. It connects via Bluetooth 4.0 and the battery should last around a year before it needs charging up.

Amazon  ABT Electronics

Backlit iPad Keyboard Case


This wireless, rechargeable smart keyboard case for iPad has a seven-color backlight and connects to your iPad via Bluetooth. Its scissor-style keys and spacious button design makes typing fast, accurate, and comfortable. Raised edges protect your iPad screen from scratches while the shell case offers full-body protection for your device, keeping it free from scratches, dust, and wear. The first charge should be around six hours, but after that, one or two hours should suffice. The keyboard is easy to install or remove and it has a built-in Apple Pencil holder and an adjustable stand.


Onhi Wireless Keyboard Case

ONHI Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard Case for iPad Pro 10.5

Your iPad Air will be snug and secure in this keyboard case. There’s a plastic cover with cutouts in all the right places and an aluminum keyboard with backlit keys. You have plenty of customization options with seven colors to choose from and three brightness levels. It’s comfortable to type on, but it is quite heavy and the keyboard can’t be removed from the case. The hinge allows you to adjust the angle your iPad sits at through 135 degrees, it supports the automatic sleep/wake function, and you can expect between five and 180 of hours of use from a full charge. It comes in rose gold, black, gold, and silver.

Logitech Slim Combo Keyboard Case

Logitech Slim Combo Keyboard Case

This versatile keyboard case works with Apple’s Smart Connector, so you can connect it to your 2019 iPad Air without bothering with Bluetooth or batteries. The keyboard is plastic with a polyurethane coating and the keys are backlit. You can fold the cover back out of the way or use it to prop your iPad in portrait view or landscape, with positions for viewing or typing. There’s a handy loop for the Apple Pencil and you can detach the keyboard completely when you don’t need it.

Best keyboards for the 2018 iPad Pro (12.9-inch or 11-inch)

Apple Smart Keyboard

Apple Smart Keyboard Folio for 12.9-inch iPad Pro

In classic Apple fashion, the Smart Keyboard features a slim and sleek design with keys that are well-spaced and easy to type on. You won’t get much travel or feedback, though. It doubles as a stand for your device and doesn’t add too much extra bulk, which makes it perfect for when you’re on the go. This keyboard does not connect via Bluetooth, it uses Apple’s proprietary Smart connector, which is now located on the back of the iPad. This means that you’ll never have to manually charge the keyboard because it draws power straight from your iPad. On the downside, this is very expensive for what it is and lacks features like backlit keys.

Amazon   Adorama

You can also get this case for the 11-inch iPad Pro from the link below.

Amazon  Adorama

iPad Pro 12.9 Case


Specifically designed for the iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2018) tablet, this keyboard has an elegant laptop-style design with a polyurethane leather-like cover and a soft, microfiber-lined interior that provides full protection to your device. The cover supports three use modes with three viewing angles for typing and reading. The unit supports wireless charging for the Apple Pencil and boasts a specific slot to hold it. The removable wireless keyboard can be used for working, writing, or watching videos. Precise cutouts let you access ports, sensors, speakers, microphone, and cameras. A built-in rechargeable battery could extend the battery life of your tablet, and three hours full charge will work for more than 80 hours, and standby for 120 days.


IVSO Keyboard Case

IVSO Keyboard Case for iPad Pro 12.9

The IVSO Keyboard Case is very affordable and will give you around 60 hours of continuous use from a single charge. One of the main attractions here is the ability to remove the keyboard, which is held in place by magnets. This case also allows you to prop your iPad up like a laptop to work, and there’s a special slot for your Apple Pencil, though it won’t charge up while it’s in there. The cover is polyurethane with a microfiber lining and it works with the automatic sleep/wake function. The case comes in black, blue, and a few other colors.

You can also get this case for the 11-inch iPad Pro from the link below.

Fintie Keyboard Case

Fintie Keyboard Case for iPad Pro 11

This is one of the most affordable options for the 11-inch iPad Pro. There’s a polyurethane cover, finished in a variety of different colors or designs, with a minimal polycarbonate shell inside that holds your iPad Pro securely in place. The Bluetooth keyboard attaches magnetically, so you can remove it and still use the case if you want to. The keyboard is hard plastic with scissor switches which make it reasonably comfortable to type on. You can prop your iPad in a couple of different positions. There’s also an elastic pocket on the cover for your Apple Pencil. The keyboard adds some weight and will need to be charged from time to time, but overall this is good value for the money.

The version for the 12.9-inch model is a bit different and only comes in a couple of colors, but it has the same keyboard and polycarbonate shell inside.

Best keyboards for the 2018 iPad (9.7-inch)

iPad Keyboard Case for iPad 2018

YekBee iPad keyboard

The Yekbee iPad keyboard case is a super-thin, ultra-portable clamshell cover that encloses spacious tactile chiclet keys for your typing comfort and device protection. The durable polycarbonate shell has impact-resistant corners and a reinforced aluminum hinge to protect your device. It sports a stylish, grippy finish with 10 backlight colors for work, reading, and internet surfing. You can rotate the screen 360 degrees to display your work, watch a movie, or read a book. The auto-sleep/wake feature conserves battery life while your retina display is fully protected by durable keys. It is available in black, blue, rose gold, and purple.


Brydge Keyboard

Brydge iPad Keyboard

Brydge wants to bring the MacBook experience to your iPad. The Brydge keyboard is made from high-grade aluminum that is designed to blend perfectly with the iPad’s body. It’s rigid and strong, but it’s also extremely light, weighing just 18 ounces. The iPad is secured via two clips, one on each side, making it easy to connect and remove from the keyboard. The hinge is strong and you can adjust your iPad to find the best angle for you. One of the main attractions of this keyboard is the backlit keys, which come with three levels of brightness and are handy when working in low-light situations. The Brydge keyboard has 1.2 millimeters of key travel: It feels a lot like a MacBook keyboard, so you can type faster, and more confidently than with many other iPad keyboard cases. It comes in silver, space gray, and gold and this model will also fit 2017’s iPad and the iPad Pro (9.7-inch).

Logitech Slim Folio Bluetooth Keyboard

iPad keyboard

This case keeps your iPad safe from bumps, scratches, and as a bonus, it’s also spill-resistant. You can lock your iPad at a couple of different angles, including the ideal position for typing. The keys are pretty responsive with a decent 1.5mm travel. The batteries are replaceable and have a lifespan of up to four years, based on a couple of hours of use per day. The keyboard also has a handy row of dedicated iOS shortcut keys, so that you can change the volume, language, and more with ease.

Amazon  PCM

Favormates Keyboard Case for iPad

iPad keyboard

This clamshell cover has 130 degrees of rotation so that you can find the perfect angle. As the name suggests, it offers seven colors, so you can select your ideal shade of keyboard backlighting, and you can adjust the brightness for working through the night. Your iPad’s auto wake/sleep function also works with this case, which helps to extend your battery life. This iPad keyboard case has an aluminum build that is very sturdy and protective.

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