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The best Apple iPad (2018) cases and covers

Your iPad is a hefty glass slab with a solid presence, but accidents happen to the best of us. One day, you may get distracted while reaching for your sixth generation 9.7-inch iPad (2018), and as your grip fails, it slips from your hand to the floor resulting in a large crack on the screen. A proper case may prevent that kind of expensive accident from happening.

With a vast range of iPad cases available for the sixth-generation iPad — as well as the previous year’s model which has the same dimensions — which one is the best for you? You can buy a folding folio case, keyboard case, tough rugged case, or slim gel case. Is your head spinning yet? No worries, we’ve done the hard work for you.

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In the meantime, here are some of the best cases available for your Apple iPad (2018), which will also fit the 2017 model.

OtterBox Unlimited Case

iPad nestled inside an OtterBox Unlimited Case for iPad (2018).
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Engineered using a mix of polycarbonate, synthetic rubber, and polyurethane, this case from OtterBox provides serious protection for your iPad while also offering a laudably close fit. It includes a built-in screen protector to guard your screen, while it also adds an adjustable stand, so you can type or watch content in comfort. The case is also very slimline and lightweight, so it’s easy to handle and use.

Apple Smart Cover

Charcoal Gray Apple iPad Smart Cover.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

What makes Apple’s Smart Cover for the iPad smart? Well, this iPad cover attaches magnetically, automatically wakes your tablet whenever you open it, and then puts the tablet back to sleep when you close it. It’s made from a single layer of polyurethane, so it combines flexibility and comfort with durability, keeping your iPad screen safe from harm. The cover is also easily foldable into a variety of positions, so you can watch videos and chat with friends without having to strain your wrists. It’s now available from Apple in Charcoal Gray.

Logitech Slim Folio

Logitech Slim Folio for iPad (2018) with extended keyboard.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Here’s an excellent case if you want to turn your iPad into a laptop. Incorporating a keyboard with an entire row of iPadOS shortcut keys (e.g. volume, brightness, media controls) really makes using your iPad for work (and play) much easier. Its main feature is the inclusion of three different modes, all of which help you complete certain tasks. Sketch Mode lets you push the iPad’s screen down to comfortably take notes and raw. Type Mode lets you position the iPad diagonally against the keyboard so it functions like a laptop. Meanwhile, Read Mode lets you fold the keyboard back so you can read news articles and e-books. All in all, it’s a great case for professionals who want to work on their iPads.

Gexmil Cowhide Leather Folio Case

Brown leather folio case with carved floral design on an iPad, and the same case folded out into a kickstand.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Prefer a more traditionally styled iPad cover case? This cowhide leather folio case gives your iPad the look of a vintage tome with its intricately carved floral design. Crafted from 1.4mm genuine premium full-grain leather treated with oil wax, this case will develop a gorgeous patina as it ages, bringing unique character to your tablet. Open the case and you’ll find a TPU soft inner shell and microfiber lining to protect against scratches, as well as a magnetic closure that supports the automatic sleep/wake function. You can fold the case into a stand for hands-free viewing or typing. This case comes with a lifetime replacement warranty.

Moko Case

 iPad in a blue ad white cherry blossom design case from Moko, showing the rear of the case and the case folded into a kickstand.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

There is no need to spend a lot for a decent iPad cover case. This simple offering combines a hard, clear, plastic shell case with accurate cutouts and a durable, polyurethane cover that comes in a wide range of colored and patterned finishes. The cover also features that typical three-fold design, enabling it to double up as a stand for propping your iPad at different angles. With a soft, microfiber lining inside, the cover also supports the automatic sleep/wake function.

Ztotop Case

iPad in a black denim and brown leather case from Ztotop, showing the back of the case as well as the case folded out into a kickstand.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Sleek, two-toned, and businesslike, the Ztotop case fits in anywhere from work to school to play. Its exterior is made of premium-grade synthetic leather, and a soft microfiber interior lining resists dust and scratches. This cover pays attention to detail with a built-in leather hand strap, Apple pencil holder, and pocket organizer. The magnetic smart cover supports the iPad’s auto wake/sleep feature. Multiple slots let you set up various stand angles for movie watching or typing. It comes in a variety of colors and combinations.

Noreve Tradition B Case

Front and back view of an iPad in a red leather case from Noreve.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

This gorgeous leather case is available in real or synthetic leather with different textured finishes and in a wide range of colors. Handmade in France, it’s a stylish and practical option that opens to reveal a cover with several handy slots. The magnetic clasp closure keeps it securely closed when you’re on the move and can also hold your Apple Pencil. Open it up and there is a folding kickstand that enables you to prop the tablet up in landscape view. You will find generous cutouts for the ports, buttons, and other features, and there is a cutout on the back for the camera as well. It’s expensive, but the quality really shines through.

Speck Case-E

iPad in a Case-E case for kids from Speck.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If your kids have an iPad, or they borrow yours from time to time, then you’ll want to make sure it’s securely protected with a special kids iPad case, and Speck’s new Case-E is a fun way to do it. This thick foam cover will guard your iPad against damage for falls of up to 6 feet. It also features detachable arms that lend your iPad a little personality and double up as a handy way of attaching it to the back of a car seat or propping it up on a table. Speck uses EVA foam, so everything is soft and comfortable to hold. It comes in red-and-blue or gray-and-green color combinations.

ProCase Folding iPad Case

The iPad 2018 in a green Procase, with a view of the back of the case and a view of it folded into a kickstand.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you’re looking for a minimalist design to make the beauty of your iPad shine through, the ProCase may be the right choice. It’s super slim and light with a hard back that provides substantial protection to your iPad’s body and glass. The back is frosted and translucent, allowing you to see the Apple logo glowing through a large variety of jeweled colors while protecting your device against fingerprints, dust, dirt, and scratches. The cover is designed to allow full access to all tablet features while a magnet secures the case closed with support for the sleep/wake feature.

Zagg Rugged Messenger Case

The iPad 2018 in a black Zagg Rugged Messenger case, a view of the rear of the case and a view of the iPad in the case folded out into a kickstand.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

An iPad keyboard case is always going to add some weight and bulk, and this one is heavy, but Zagg has developed a solution to this problem by allowing you to detach your iPad and iPad case from the keyboard case section. The Rugged Book has a full QWERTY keyboard with backlit keys, and you can customize the color, and they’re fairly well-spaced and comfortable to type on. The shell case that your iPad goes into combines a soft-padded interior with polycarbonate and steel to safeguard your tablet. It snaps in and out of the magnetic hinge pretty easily, so you can ditch the keyboard when you don’t need it. The outer finish is textured for extra grip and it has a rugged look. You can recharge via the Micro USB port, and Zagg claims up to two years of typing battery life. Since you can remove the iPad in its case, you can also insert it in the hinge the other way round, so it can act as a stand or conceal the keyboard.

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Case

The front and rear view of a purple metallic iPad case from Supcase, with the kickstand folded out.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

This is a good choice if you want rugged protection, but your budget is limited. An inner layer of TPU absorbs shock impact from drops and bumps and then there’s hard polycarbonate around the outside to deflect scrapes. The frame and built-in screen protector ensure that your display stays in pristine condition. There are also port covers to prevent dust and debris from creeping in, and you will find a handy kickstand on the back to prop your iPad in landscape view. The plastic screen protector is the weak spot here, but overall this case provides a decent level of protection for a low price.

Vaja Libretto Leather Case

Red Vaja iPad cases back view with folded kick stand.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Looking for the ultimate in luxurious protection for your iPad? Then look no further than this case from Vaja. Every Vaja case is hand-crafted by a master artisan who focuses on one case at a time. iPads tend to last longer than your usual smart device, and thanks to the use of premium genuine leather, so will these cases, with Vaja claiming that every case will mature with age, like a leather jacket, or leather armchair. This case supports the sleep/wake smart function, and comes with a media-viewing stand — and you have a choice of three types of leather and over 30 color options. The crafting process can take up to 20 days to complete, but if you want the very best, and don’t mind waiting, then Vaja’s iPad cases are perfect for you.

Casemade Leather Folio

The iPad 2018 in a tan leather Casemade case, with a view of the front of the case and the back folded out into a kickstand.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

This classic folio case has a genuine leather exterior finished in black with red stitching or tan brown. It looks and feels luxurious, flipping open to reveal a soft suede interior. Your iPad snaps into the plastic shell, complete with cutouts for the controls, ports, speaker, and camera. The cover works with Apple’s sleep/wake function, so your iPad switches off automatically when it’s closed. You can also fold the cover back and there’s a loop to hold it securely in the stand position, which offers an ideal viewing or typing angle in landscape, depending on which way you prop it.

Dodocase Classic Case

A red Dodocase opened on an iPad 9.7 2018.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Disguise your iPad as a book with a DodoCase. The Classic cases are handcrafted in San Francisco using Moroccan cloth and an eco-friendly bamboo tray. They are made using traditional bookbinding techniques, for a clever blend of old and new. There’s a built-in magnet for the auto sleep/wake function, the open case can fold to double up as a stand, and you can personalize each case with a monogram for an extra $10. The elastic closure completes the notebook illusion. If you prefer something a bit more colorful, custom cases start at $75.

STM Dux Case

An Apple iPad 2018 inside a blue and black STM Dux rugged case.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

This case offers effective protection for your iPad. Its back is transparent, and it comes with a rubber frame and polyurethane layer in blue, black, or red. Notable features include water resistance, a foldable cover to a kickstand, and a wraparound magnetic latch that initiates the sleep/wake setting. Cutouts allow for easy access to your ports, and buttons are covered for added protection. Older iPads can also benefit from this case.

Belkin QODE Ultimate Keyboard Case

The iPad 2018 in a black and grey keyboard case from Belkin.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Typists love this keyboard case because it has physical keys as opposed to a touchscreen. The slim, lightweight aluminum design still provides plenty of space between the keys and enough depth for a responsive, just-right sensation. Your iPad is held in place by a magnetic system in potentially three different positions and automatically shuts off to conserve power. Belkin didn’t mess around with colors for this case; black is the only color available.

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