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Ditch the competitive scene with these casual multiplayer games

Over the last decade, video games have widened their inclusivity considerably, giving even the most casual players a chance to go on epic adventures and experience the stories only possible in an interactive medium. But the majority of these games still have one thing in common: They’re single-player only. With online features more interwoven into games than ever before, inexperienced players risk missing out on some of the most creative games available if they don’t make the jump into multiplayer. Fortunately, there are still several multiplayer games – both online and local – that are not only competitive, but welcoming to players who might be intimidated by the concept of playing with other people. Here are a few of our favorites.


No company makes better games for “everyone” than Nintendo. With its colorful online shooter Splatoon, it managed to create not only a world full of personality and classic Nintendo charm, but also an extremely polished multiplayer shooter that goes beyond the short “time to kill” and twitch-based gameplay that makes the Call of Duty or Battlefield series so inaccessible to newcomers. With a variety of ink-based weapons to choose from, including machine guns, sniper rifles, and even a paint roller, every type of player can contribute to the team in a meaningful way. Even if your aim isn’t particularly great, you can still slide along the map and spray ink all over the ground to increase your team’s chance of winning. Though the game is only available on the ill-fated Wii U, its sequel arrives this summer on the Nintendo Switch, and with that system’s portability, it’ll be a perfect game for bringing to parties.

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