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Sony still considering cheap downloads for UMD games

When Sony first launched its PSP gaming system in late 2004, its Universal Media Discs were expected to be the wave of the future, with both game developers and Hollywood studios on board to release titles on the disc-based format. Sadly, it didn’t take long for Hollywood to jump ship, leaving the PSP to fly solo in the world of UMDs.

Given the impending launch of the PS Vita, which will play games in either a cartridge or downloadable format (but not UMDs), there’s been some worry among PSP owners that Sony’s latest mobile gaming system will render their UMD collections obsolete. And while their concern is certainly justified, it appears that Sony is also devoting some thought to the post-UMD world.

Sony’s Yoshio Matsumoto stated in a recent interview with Dengeki PlayStation (via Kotaku) that the company continues to consider giving UMD owners the chance to download their games on the Vita for a reduced price.

Matsumoto’s comments would seem to echo comments made by Sony at a company press conference last month when the it said the company was looking into ways for UMD owners to experience their games on the Vita.