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How to master your Titan and cause carnage in ‘Titanfall 2’

Over the course of every Titanfall 2 match, players experience what are effectively two separate games. At first, players control fast, agile pilots who leap through the air and gun down dozens of enemies with their rifles, shotguns, and launchers. At various points in the match, though, they can call down giant robot “Titans,” which can dominate the field through brute force and powerful special abilities that can crush both human characters as well as other Titans.

As you might expect, controlling a pilot and controlling a Titan require related, but ultimately separate sets of skills. What’s more, Titans are far from invincible. While the giant robots can crush a pilot under-foot, pilots have have anti-titan weapons and a tremendous speed advantage. In the hands of an inexperienced player, a Titan can be destroyed in a matter of seconds, and leave you throwing your controller or keyboard in frustration.

We’ve put together some tips to help you learn the intricacies of controlling your Titan, and a few helpful strategies that will help you make the most of every Titanfall you trigger.

How to pick your Titan: General Tips


Unlike the original Titanfall, you do not outfit your Titan with a bespoke loadout in Titanfall 2. Instead, you choose one of six Titans, each of which has its own weapon and special abilities. You can still select different perks to customize help make each titan fit your playstyle, but you should definitely think about what Titan class you plan to call down before your match starts.

When picking your titan, consider what loadouts work for you in standard first-person shooters. If you like to run in guns blazing, the “Ronin” and “Ion,” which both have heavy-duty firepower, will allow you to quickly clear a path for your teammates. Meanwhile, the “Scorch” and “Northstar” classes are support players, which rely heavily on traps and distance attacks. are better for defensive players who want to lock down an area. The last two, “Tone” and “Legion,” are the best jack-of-all-trades options. They have crowd-control abilities and weapons that are effective at both short and long range.

You aren’t done after simply picking your Titan model, though. Class-specific enhancement increase the effectiveness of your favorite abilities — Tone’s “rocket barrage,” for instance, can fire more shots at opponents, while Ion’s “entangled energy” can restore energy when performing critical hits. Since these enhancements often pair with a Titan’s specific abilities, it makes sense to play with the Titan for awhile, and figure out what abilities you want to enhance. Take some time to mess around with them all before settling on a final loadout.

Similarly, you can also select a “titan kit” enhancement from a set of more general upgrades, such as increased accuracy in auto-titan mode, or an extra dash. While these options are the same across all models, your selection should reflect your choice of Titan and the way you plan to use it. If you tend to let your Titan run on autopilot as you race around the map, the “assault chip” will make it more effective in combat. For faster Titans, we recommend the “turbo engine,” which grants an extra dash move, while slower, more powerful Titans will prefer “overcore,” which automatically gives your core ability 20 percent of its charge before entering combat. The “nuclear ejection” option can also be wonderful in hectic situations, as its blast is capable of destroying both pilots and Titans, particularly in close quarters.

Lastly, players can pick between two options for calling in your titan: “Dome Shield,” which summons a Titan from the sky, then surrounds with a protective shield, and “Warpfall,” which makes the Titan teleport in instantly, but leaves it unprotected. We strongly recommend sticking with the Dome Shield option: The time it takes to receive your Titan is still negligible, and guaranteeing that you’re at full health before engaging other enemies will make you a much more effective player. Warpfall is more effective if you’re trying to destroy another player by “dropping” your Titan on someone else’s, but you’re giving up a lot for something that doesn’t happen all too often.

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