Everyone wants a great deal on a new TV. As such, we’re back with an updated list of our top TV choices under 1000 clams. As each year passes, the value only rises, and if you know how to look, you can find a lot of 1080p HD goodness for a reasonable price. Naturally, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve scoured the web to find the best selection of high quality TV’s at reliably low prices. All of our picks are based on prices offered at the time of writing this article and may fluctuate slightly from week to week. Whether it’s a small budget TV you crave, or 60 monstrous inches of HD real estate, if you’ve been looking for a good place to find the best mix of features, performance, and affordability, you’ve found it.

Samsung UN46F6300 46-inch LED LCD TV

$850 at Amazon

If you’re low on space and sweet on features, Samsung’s F6300 could be the perfect solution. Its slimly trimmed 46-inch screen is sufficient to entertain in most rooms, and along with Wi-Fi and 3D, the TV comes with a litany of extras, including Samsung’s S-recommendation software, screen mirroring from compatible PCs and Samsung mobile devices, tons of apps, 4 HDMI inputs, and more. Plus, at only a few tiers down the line in Samsung’s stable, the F6300 also offers a pretty picture, with especially high kudos for 3D content.

LG 60PN5300 60-inch plasma TV

$850 at Newegg

If you think big is beautiful, but your wallet won’t cooperate, the LG PN5300 might be right up your alley. While this budget plasma doesn’t get the highest marks for contrast or shadow detail, it offers good color and motion performance for about as low as you can go in the LG family at this size. The biggest knock on the PN5300 is its lack of extras, offering only 2 HDMI ports, and no Wi-Fi or 3D. But what the TV lacks in bells and whistles, it makes up for in sheer monstrosity, and those who only need to plug and play a couple of components will find eye-popping size at a price that barely registers on the Richter scale.

LG 32LN5300 32-inch LED LCD TV

$299 Amazon

Just as budget friendly, but on the other side of the size spectrum is LG’s 32-inch LN5300. Like its massive plasma brethren, the LN5300 doesn’t offer a whole mess of features or Wi-Fi, but then again, that’s what set-top boxes are for. What the TV does offer is above-average picture performance with brilliant colors, a sharp image, and solid black levels for an LCD screen. And at $300, it’s about as low as you can go and still come home with something you’d actually want to spend time with.

Vizio E420i-AO 42-inch LED LCD TV

$448 at Amazon

Vizio has been making moves from the middle of the market for years now, and its E420 series provides excellent value for the money. Like most LCDs, this budget set has a little bit of trouble when it comes to detailing the darkest moments of your cinema exploration, but at under $500, it’s hard to find a better value. Highlights for the E420i-AO are its strong color reproduction, good black levels, and an excellent smart hub, which is intuitive and easy to navigate. And at less than half our price limit, the E420i-A0 is a prime way to get a spare TV for the bedroom, or simply upgrade to HD, without maxing that credit card. If you’re looking for 3D, you can also move up to the E420d for only $62 more.

Vizio M501d-A2R 50-inch LED LCD TV

$800 at Best Buy

For those who need something a little bigger and more upscale, Vizio has also been getting great response from its M-series TVs lately. The M501d-A2R offers a lot of extras for the price, including a well-stocked smart hub, 3D, 4 HDMI inputs abd a backlit remote. It also shows off good picture performance, and a pretty stylish design, all for $200 below the cut-off.

Sony KDL-50R550A 50-inch LED LCD TV

$948 at Amazon

It’s hard to get into Sony’s notoriously high-priced family for under $1000. But if you can’t afford to splurge, and you’ve just got to have that Sony glow, you can get it from the R550A. The TV comes with all the fixings, including 3D and Wi-Fi with access to Sony’s Entertainment Network, a super thin edge lit display, and plenty of inputs to connect all your components. And while it may not be a top performer in Sony’s lineup, it offers solid color contrast and deep black levels for your hard earned dollar.

Samsung PN51F5500AF 50-inch plasma TV

$848 at Amazon

Sitting in the midrange of Samsung’s plasma spectrum, the F5500 brings a lot to the table for a nice price. The interface is loaded with online apps and services, all pleasantly arranged in Samsung’s intuitive carousel, while the picture pops with deep blacks, and gorgeous colors. Along with great performance, the TV also adds plenty of component inputs, Samsung’s Soundshare and voice recognition software, a Bluetooth backlit remote, and more.

Sharp Aquos LC-60LE650U 60-inch LED LCD TV

$1000 at Best Buy

Another mondo-sized screen that slides under our proposed budget by a penny, Sharp’s 60-inch E650U is a solid choice for those who want to go big and go home. While low on features, including a lack of smart or 3D technologies, the E650U offers solid picture performance from a screen that’ll turn your living room into a drive-in movie theater. The TV’s recent price slash from around $1600 gives it near run-out-and-grab-it status, though we can’t see it popping back up in price before the end of the holidays.