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Barisieur: An alarm clock that wakes you with freshly-brewed coffee

No matter how much sleep you get, waking up is almost always a chore. Letting go of that glorious dream you were having, hauling yourself away from the warmth and comfort of your bed, and shuffling to the kitchen to guzzle down some caffeine is a much more arduous process than it should be. But what if you didn’t have to shuffle at all? What if you could enjoy a hot cup of coffee just moments after waking up?

Well, thanks to this brilliant contraption from UK-based designer Josh Renouf, you might soon be able to do just that. His latest creation, the Barisieur, is an ingenious hybrid of an alarm clock and a coffee brewer. Finally, you can get your daily dose of liquid crack without ever leaving your sheets.

Broadly speaking, the device works just like you’d expect: you pre-load it with some water and grounds, put your cup in place, and set the alarm. When wakeup time rolls around, instead of sounding a horrible, skull-piercing klaxon, it wakes you up with the gentle sound of bubbling water, accompanied by the wonderful aroma of freshly-prepared coffee.

Barisieur certainly isn’t the first device that can do this for you, but it’s arguably the most attractive we’ve ever encountered.  The alarm clock portion is housed in a black base with a window on the front left that displays the time, a drawer on the front right for sugar and coffee grounds, and knobs on the front and side that control both the clock and coffee maker settings. The top is made of wood and holds the various beakers and tubes needed to heat and transfer water. It looks more like a classy, high-end chemistry set than anything else.

The coolest part of the entire contraption is definitely the water heating system. Rather than using a traditional heating element, Barisieur uses a hidden induction heater to heat up a bunch of steel ball bearings in the bottom of the beaker. These bearings then transfer heat to the water, gradually bringing it to a boil. This causes steam and pressure to build inside the beaker, which pushes it up through a tube and onto the grounds. Pretty nifty, right?

Unfortunately, since this thing is just a prototype right now, it’s not currently available for purchase. It’s been getting quite a bit of buzz on the web as of late though, so lets hope Renouf has a crowfunding campaign planned for the near future. Find out more here.