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For all you lazy gardeners: Grow your crops indoors with Grobo automated garden

The local food movement is in full swing in urban environments across the country, and what could be more local than the food that comes from your own home? We know, we know — not everyone has the luxury of living on a farm or tending to an expansive garden. But now, you don’t need to. Meet Grobo, a home growing system that promises to “take the guesswork out of successfully growing small crops of high-quality food.” And yes, if you want to, you can grow weed in this garden too.

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While you can’t exactly control the conditions of a traditional garden, with the Grobo, you become somewhat omnipotent. Customize your growing environment by using your smartphone and Grobo’s app to set the wavelength and spectrum (which is to say, color and intensity) of the 53 LED lights within the enclosure. The autonomous system will let you set and forget a watering schedule — up to eight times a day. And everything about the Grobo is eco-friendly, including its low energy consumption. In fact, running this indoor gardening system requires about the same amount of electricity as a ceiling fan.

There’s no limit to the types of fruits, vegetables, and herbs you can grow with the Grobo. From your favorite salad greens to calming teas to seasonal fruits, Grobo invites its users to get creative with the system’s uses. And regardless of what you’re growing, the app will take care of all the heavy lifting for you. Simply select the plant you want to grow, and the Grobo system will run a preloaded and optimized grow recipe. And if you’re curious as to how your plants are doing during their growth cycle, you can check the Grobo app for variables like plant height, nutrient consumption, and more.

And finally, because gardening really should be a communal activity, you can use Grobo’s Community Sharing features to send your favorite growing recipes to your friends and other gardening enthusiasts.