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This smart home security camera can report suspicious people and cars

Netatmo launches an outdoor camera that can look out for suspicious people

If your neighborhood watch doesn’t offer you much peace of mind, or doesn’t exist at all, there are plenty of other ways to make sure that your house stays protected. One such solution comes from Netatmo. The company unveiled Presence at CES 2016. It’s a smart home security camera that not only monitors your home’s exterior, but is also capable of sending alerts about suspicious events.

Presence is designed to be easy to set up and is meant to replace an outdoor light. The device connects to a home’s Wi-Fi to allow owners to control it from their smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs, and Apple Watches. Through the Presence app, users can monitor their property and set up security alerts.

Users can opt to receive alerts, and thanks to deep learning algorithms, Presence can detect and distinguish between people, cars, and animals. That aspect sounds similar to the algorithms used by Netatmo’s other pretty piece of hardware, the Welcome. Motion is detected within 65 feet, and the device can provide specifics about what it has sensed (for example, “Person seen”) and in which user-defined zone it has occurred. Presence’s integrated floodlight can also be set to turn on automatically in hopes of discouraging any unwanted visitors.

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The aluminum device is weatherproof and capable of withstanding everything from freezing temperatures to the hottest, sunny days. Presence’s camera records 1080p full-HD videos and even captures clear video at night using infrared technology. It offers a 100-degree field of view, and users can zoom in to see details. Homeowners can check up on their houses using either live video streams or by viewing video saved on a local micro SD card. Data can also be backed up using FTP.

“Presence goes way beyond existing outdoor security solutions on the market,” says Fred Potter, founder and CEO of Netatmo, in a press release. “As the only consumer outdoor security system using a sophisticated deep learning technology, Presence is able to analyse and report precisely what’s happening outside the home.”

The camera is set to become available late in 2016.