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No touching! We go hands-off with the HP Envy 17…

  • Sensor fully integrated into laptop
  • Can turn sensor on and off
  • Awkward placement for left-handed users
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Hands on: Toshiba’s Portégé Z10t is a mini…

  • Light weight
  • Sturdy build
  • Keyboard dock and two styli included in price
  • No battery in the dock
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Gigabyte P35X v3

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Toshiba Tecra Z50-ASMBN22

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Laptops remain the most popular device for people who need to get things done anywhere, at any time. We test systems with this in mind, benchmarking not only performance but also display quality and battery life under real-world conditions.  A laptop is a commitment, so you'd best be sure you've picked the right system, and our reviews will help you find that special something.

For more tips check out our laptop buying guide, or head over to our continually updated list of the best laptops to find out which ones scored the highest marks.

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