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12 coolest weather apps for iPhone

We all know that relying on your local weatherman to accurately predict the weekly forecast — or even the daily forecast for that matter — can be difficult, with predictions often coming off as no more than coin flip.nThe morning meteorologist may predict sunshine and high humidly as you walk out the door, yet halfway to work, you’ll find yourself caught in the middle of a massive thunderstorm clad in flip-flops and a meager tank top.

For iPhone users there exists a wealth of weather information right at your fingertips in Apple’s own App Store. However, sifting through the many available choices leaves even the most adept app users feeling gloomy. To help, we’ve picked through the abundance of weather applications and found the ones we won’t leave home without. What follows are our picks for the best weather apps currently on the market for the iPhone.

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Yahoo Weather fa

Weather Pod copy

Not only is Yahoo Weather entirely free, it’s also a serious candidate for best overall weather app of any platform. Featuring gorgeous Flickr backgrounds based on your location, the app provides five and 10-day forecasts detailing temperature, wind speed, humidity, and more. It’s also quicker than most weathers apps, devoid of ads, and includes a chart for viewing all of the sunrise and sunset times in your area.

Dark Sky ($4)

Dark Sky App Screens

Sky began as a Kickstarter-funded project though it has quickly become one of the top weather apps for iOS. It has embraced the “less-is-more” trend and gives users up to the minute current forecasts. Crucial for finding out if it’s snowing or raining, Dark Sky isn’t flashy but it is easy to use. Because of its $4 price tag, you won’t find ads clogging up the interface, which is a pleasant departure from other weather apps.

Weather Channel

The Weather Channel App Screens

Weather Channel’s mobile application has nearly everything you want in a weather app. It finds your current location with ease and displays local pictures behind its pinpoint accurate weather readings. You’ll have hourly, five day, and 10 day forecasts just below your city’s weather and there’s even a useful pollen index to track allergens. Its premium version, Weather Channel Max, is $4 though the free version is all you need.



AccuWeather’s weather application provides users with many forecast options including hourly, daily, and weekly information. You’re given the option of uploading any of the forecasts in to your phone’s calendar and get alerted for incoming snow or thunderstorms. AccuWeather also provides information on how the weather conditions will impact outdoor activities.

Weather Pod ($1)

Weather Pod

Weather Pod provides a unique weather experience utilizing several swipe gestures. Swipe up for daily astronomy and almanac statistics, swipe down for live weather stats, swipe right for weather alerts and nearby storms, and swipe left for your 7-day forecast. The app’s background also changes depending on your location’s current weather conditions.

Weather Bug

Weather Bug App Screens

With Weather Bug’s application you’ll have an exceptional amount of data available to you in one free app. You’ll get storm alerts, wind levels, sunset and sunrise times, and an hourly and 10-day forecast. Some locations feature the ability to view live cameras and you’ll even get updates on health information during cold and flu season.

WeatherPro ($3)

Weather Pro

Weather Pro is a popular app in Europe, though it’s equally as impressive stateside. Featuring 7-day forecasts, satellite and radar images, and skiing and beach forecasts, Weather Pro has everything you need in a weather app. It even provides up-to-the-minute weather alerts to let you know exactly when a storm will hit home.


Swackett App Screens

Swackett is an off-the-wall weather app which presents its weather information via a cartoon-like infographic. The app features avatars called “peeps” who are wearing ideal outfits for the day’s current weather. It also provides a score rating for outside activities; the higher the rating the more likely you are to do said activity.

Weather Line ($2)

Weather Line App Screens

Weather Line is a weather app for graph junkies. It charts out its hourly, daily, and monthly weather forecasts in easy to read graphs which quickly give you an idea of upcoming trends. Weather Line integrates Dark Sky’s rain prediction feature which essentially gives you two weather apps for the price of one.

Perfect Weather ($3)

Pefect Weather App Screens

If you want a neatly organized weather app then look no further. It separates your different regions by color and organizes them like cards in a Rolodex. Each location has daily forecast info, precipitation percentages, and a small map. It uses data from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) so you know it’s information is accurate.

Weather Underground

Partly Cloudy Final

Unlike other apps on this list, Weather Undergound uses crowdsourced information making its weather forecasts incredibly accurate. Users report localized weather conditions which help fill the voids left by major weather stations in your desired cities. You’ll also have access to live webcams and the ability to see the temperatures for surrounding cities in your area.

Partly Cloudy ($2)

Partly Cloudy

Party Cloudy’s interface is like the face of an analog clock featuring a moving hand which moves throughout the day depicting various weather activity. The colors along the edges change for expected temperature shifts, and blue rises and falls with impending rain forecasts. Though lightweight, Party Cloudy has a lot of weather data in a user friendly format.

Do you have a favorite weather app which didn’t make our list? Let us know in the comments section below.