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2016 HTC Nexus news and rumors

Upcoming Nexus devices may share similar specs, but will be made of different materials

Last year, Google chose LG and Huawei to make the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, respectively, moving away from only having one new Nexus phone in the range. This year, it may repeat the same strategy, but HTC might be in charge of the entire production. We now have leaked specs for both devices — here’s what we think we know about the 2016 Nexus smartphones.


We’re still months away from the official announcement of this year’s Nexus devices from Google, but Android Police has put together an image of what the two devices, code-named Marlin and Sailfish, will look like based on a source. Before you take a look, keep in mind that this is not an official image, or even a leaked press render — it’s something Android Police put together and we cannot verify this information.

android police marlin and sailfish
Android Police

Android Police does say the final designs of the Marlin and Sailfish might change, a point Nexus Blog certainly agrees with. According to the latter, the two phones will not look alike, with the Marlin reportedly clad in metal akin to the HTC 10. Meanwhile, the Sailfish allegedly features a metal border and plastic body, with the plastic similar to what is utilized in HTC’s Desire line of phones.

But based on the image, the biggest visual difference from previous Nexus devices is the extension of the glossy back — which we first saw on the Nexus 6P. More specifically, the extension reaches to the middle of the back, with a camera housed on the top left and three dots, which could be a microphone and other sensors, to its right.

On that note, the Nexus logo is gone and in comes a G that represents the Google logo. We are not sure if there will be an HTC logo somewhere on the final design, though previous Nexus manufacturers did leave their logos on the devices. Either way, an antenna band can be found on the bottom, with the front not having much to talk about except some rather large bezels. Furthermore, there are the all-white navigation buttons on the screen, which might be a design change found in Android Nougat.

We can expect to see more leaked images in the coming months, however, until we finally get a glimpse of the devices from Google.

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