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Google Maps gives you a virtual tour of Bruce Wayne’s mansion (and Batcave)

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice appears on track for a record-breaking debut weekend, despite poor reviews. Whether you’ve seen the new superhero movie or not, you can take a virtual tour through Bruce Wayne’s mansion and (mild spoiler alert) Batcave, thanks to Google Maps.

“Bruce Wayne’s Residence” is located in Orion Township, Michigan, on Google Maps. Virtual visitors can take a 360-degree, Street View tour inside the stylish lakeside mansion about 40 miles north of Detroit. Double-clicking around will zoom you around, sometimes a bit jarringly, take a gander at certain areas in the Wayne residence.

It doesn’t take long to figure out how to fly through a dark corridor to the Batcave, where you can take a close look at the new Batmobile. From there, you can access the staircase where Robin’s suit (featuring the Joker’s graffiti) and some of Batman’s tools are on display, or head upstairs to the billionaire’s high-tech lab.

To add another layer of entertainment to the promotional Google Maps landmark, there are about 320 reviews of “Bruce Wayne’s Residence,” which currently has 4.8 stars. Reading through some of the fake reviews is amusing:


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Google Maps has a history of intentional and unintentional attention-getting quirks. Users also get in on the fun by creating their own flavors of Google Maps or dedicating an entire site to pointing out humorous Street View scenes.