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When body warmth alone won’t cut the cold, these electric clothes crank up the heat

In many parts of the world, winter is cold enough to require a change in wardrobe. That means no more shorts, no more flip flops, and if you’re thinking about any kind of sports, proper clothing is a must. Luckily, cutting edge textiles are beginning to imbue their latest garments with tech, making it easy to stay warm during the winter months.

While down and modern synthetic insulation are excellent at keeping you warm, heated clothes crank the warmth factor to a new level. Generally, there are two types: Motorcycle or heavy-duty gear that’s designed to draw power from your ride, or battery-powered gear designed for casual use. Below are a few of our favorite pieces.

Ravean Heated Gear

The newcomer to the heated gear game, Ravean (pronounced like the techno party, rave-ean) crushed its first Kickstarter campaign. The designers wanted to make something they could wear in any situation — from climbing to office commutes, and everything in between — so the Ravean jacket is designed to be light enough to wear layered, yet tough enough to keep you warm in the harshest of conditions. The result is a down jacket that’s already warm on its own, and supercharged with heated panels.

Tucked inside the jacket’s panels, there are a set of ultra-thin heating panels, powered by a generously sized lithium-ion 12V 12000mAH battery. The jacket’s unique power-cycling feature is temperature dependent, so on warmer days, the jacket will be more conservative with heating, which could yield up to 10 hours of assisted warmth. The coldest days — we’re talking -4 degrees Fahrenheit — will put greater demands on the battery, possibly draining it in just a couple of hours. That being the case, you’ll want to be conscious of your battery level and the outside conditions on the really cold days.

The coat also features built-in charging ports that allow you to use excess battery power to juice up your mobile devices. Ravean’s battery can supposedly charge your devices up to six times on a full charge — assuming you don’t use any power to heat up your coat, of course. And finally, as if it didn’t have enough features already, the jacket also comes with a carrying case and a pair of heated gloves. The gloves are designed to draw power from the jacket, so they don’t need their own power source.

You can buy the heated jacket today in both mens and womens styles. If you can wait, then you may want the second-generation jacket that is slated to launch in the fall with a range of improvements, including a heated hood, gloves with heated fingers, and a body-contoured battery. It’s available for pre-order now on Indiegogo.

Price: $200+

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