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Facebook's 'M' digital assistant now pops up in chats to order you an Uber, more

Facebook wants its digital assistant, M, to play a bigger role in your digital life. That's why the assistant will now pop into chats to offer suggestions on actions it can do for you -- if you're an M beta tester, that is.
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Facebook wants to educate users on how to spot ‘fake news’ online

Facebook has waged a war on the spread of fake news, and to help prevent fake news from spreading, the social media company will begin educating its users on how to better spot it.
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Twitter launches a lightweight version of itself with Twitter Lite

On Thursday, Twitter product manager Patrick Traughber published a blog post announcing the debut of Twitter Lite, described as "a new mobile web experience which minimizes data usage," among other things.

Did you use social media between 2009 and 2012? You may be entitled to a payout

According to a settlement discovered by Law360, those who downloaded and used apps like Yelp, Twitter, and Instagram during a four-year period might be able to collect on a privacy settlement.

Survey: Traditional TV content now ranks fourth under YouTube, social media and blogs

For small production companies, TV now comes fourth while digital content takes the top-three slots for video outlets, a new survey from the subscription based video stock company VideoBlocks suggests.

Black women in tech make 79 cents for every $1 a white man makes in the same job

It looks like we have a long way to go before we'll have true pay equality in the tech industry. According to a new report, black women in that field make only 79 cents for every dollar that a white man makes.

That rocket ship in your News Feed isn't an alien — it's another Facebook test

Seeing a rocket ship pop up on your Facebook page? Don't worry -- your account hasn't been taken over by spacemen. Rather, it would appear that Facebook is testing yet another version of News Feed for its users.
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DJ Khaled's first original series on Instagram will have him blessing fans

DJ Khaled will be leveraging his considerable influence on social media for his upcoming original series, The Bless Up with DJ Khaled, which will live exclusively on Instagram. The series will feature Khaled helping fans in their daily…
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YouTube needs your help translating video titles and descriptions

YouTube's community-contributed subtitles are great for people who could actually find content in foreign languages. But now, "Community Contributions [can] translate your video‚Äôs titles and descriptions in addition to your…
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You can now search for Snapchat Stories thanks to advanced machine learning

On Friday, Snapchat announced "a new way to understand what's happening in Snaps that are submitted to Our Story." All that to say that as of now (in select cities), you can search more than one million unique Stories on Snapchat.

Twitter's revamped replies don't count usernames against the character limit

Twitter is switching up the formula once again. Now, usernames don't count against the network's 140-character limit. Replies have been tweaked, too -- on mobile, they appear above the composition textbox.
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Facebook’s personal fundraising tool lets anyone start a charitable campaign

Facebook's personal fundraising tool helps you recruit friends for charitable causes. It's rolling out to U.S. users in the next few months, alongside a new "Discovery" tab that'll make it easier to find and follow charities.