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Google Play hits 25 billion downloads, celebrates with app sale and special collections

The Google Play store hit 25 billion downloads this week. To celebrate, the online store is offering a bunch of 25-cent apps from some major developers throughout the week.
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One company, one store: Why Google axed Android Market for Google Play

Google is unifying Android Market as well as its book, music, and movie services under the moniker Google Play. But is it clearer, or more confusing?
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Google toys around with the Android Market, changes name to Google Play

Internet search leader Google has just announced it will rename its growing Android Market to the more company-centered Google Play.
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Google announces changes to Android Market security

In an effort to allay fears that Google's Android Market is having problems dealing with malware-infected apps, the company has just announced details of a tool it began using last year designed to root out such rogue software. And…
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How to get the most out of your new Android tablet

Our guide to getting started with your first Android tablet.
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Swearport Android app helps make you an international potty mouth

Find the right, or wrong words to say in over 50 languages with the Swearport app now available in the Android Marketplace.
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Adobe releases final mobile Flash update, includes Ice Cream Sandwich support

While the mobile version of Flash has slowly depreciated in value with the rise of HTML5-capable browsers, Adobe still wanted to push out a final update to Flash Player for Android devices.

Grand Theft Auto III out now for iOS and Android

The 10th Anniversary edition of Grand Theft Auto III has been released for the iPhone, iPad and a selection of Android phones and tablets, complete with a visual makeover and enhanced controls.
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Facebook more popular than many Google apps on Android phones

With Android continuing to grow in popularity as an OS for both smartphones and tablets, Facebook's social networking application seems to be one of the top app choices among Android users.
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YouMail app pulled from Android Market at T-Mobile’s behest

The visual voicemail app YouMail has been removed from the Android Market after T-Mobile complained to Google that the app was causing disruption to its network.
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Infographic shows Android app use, Talking Tom knocked down 10.6 billion times

Google has come up with an infographic showing how people use its Android Market, from which 10 billion apps have now been downloaded. The stats beg the question: What is it about Talking Tom that makes Android users want to keep knocking…
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Android Market hits 10 billion downloads, cheap apps offered

Google has announced that since the launch of Android Market in 2008, 10 billion apps have now been downloaded to mobile devices running the operating system. To celebrate, it's offering a selection of apps for 10 cents a time over the next…
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Android developers create Siri clone in just 8 hours

Android dev team Dexetra has created a clone of Apple's Siri voice recognition assistant, a major feature of the new iPhone 4S.

Bad idea: Microsoft to restrict Windows 8 app sales to its own store

Microsoft is planning to only sell Metro-style apps in its own Windows Store and charge developers a 30 percent commission on every app sold. We explain why this is a bad idea and how Microsoft is giving Android an advantage.
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Video of Honeycomb running on Google TV

It looks like Google is not ready to give up on Google TV yet. Leaked builds of Android Honeycomb have hit the web. This video gives a peak at Honeycomb on the Logitech Revue.
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Android app downloads to beat iOS this year

Research firm Ovum says smartphone app downloads will be up 144 percent this year...and Android downloads will overtake iOS app downloads for the first time.
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Rumor: New BlackBerry smartphones to run Android apps

Sales of RIM's BlackBerry smartphones have been on the wane in the US. However, it has been reported that phones to be released next year by the company may be able to run Android apps, which could well grab the attention of consumers.
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Android and WP7 app revenues disappoint, even for Mortal Kombat

An experiment shows Windows Phone 7 app revenue outpacing Android for a Mortal Kombat game guide, but the celebration will be cheap. The guide only brought in $16 in combined revenue from both platforms.
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More than 800 Android apps are leaking personal data

Malware is becoming increasingly problematic for smartphone owners using the Android operating system. A security firm released unsettling information on growth of mobile malware.
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Update: Verizon probably not removing tethering apps

A story we reported on yesterday appears to be false. From the best of our knowledge, Verizon is not removing tethering apps from Android phones.

BlackBerry App World hits 1 billion downloads

RIM says customers have downloaded more than 1 billion apps from BlackBerry App World, and continue to pull down more than 3 million apps a day.
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Android Market now has movie rentals and e-books

Google is pushing an update to the Android Market that gives it a Windows Phone-like redesign, e-book purchases, and movie rentals.
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Android 2.3 Gingerbread finally gaining on 2.2 Froyo while Honeycomb stagnates

Google's latest developer data shows that Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) is finally gaining ground on 2.2 (Froyo), but 3.0 (Honeycomb) is still lagging behind with less than a 1 percent share of devices.
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Google video rentals coming to Android devices?

Google's new YouTube video rental service was available in the Android Market for a fleeting moment this weekend. Does that means an official release is on the horizon?
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Finding a photo-sharing platform for you

Your photo-sharing app options are nearly endless. Here's our brief guide to help you find the one that fits your phone's needs.
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Music Unlimited launches on Android; Sony gives PS3 users 6 months of free access

To drum up interest in its Music Unlimited subscription service, Sony is giving PlayStation 3 owners a free six month trial and has launched an Android app.
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Yahoo’s AppSpot and App Search help you zero in on Android and iOS

Yahoo!'s AppSpot and App Search tools aim to ease the process of discovering new apps as e-tail frontends become increasingly crowded.
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Study: App downloads to reach 48 billion by 2015

Consumer preference for touchscreen devices is one factor expected to contribute to a steady increase in app consumption over the next few years.
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Windows Phone Marketplace to join the web

With Mango, the Windows Phone Marketplace will get its own open Website as well. Like, the new site will allow all PC goers to browse the goods app makers have to offer and purchase apps.
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Streaming movie rentals from Android Market blocked on rooted devices

A Google error message confirms that the blockage of streaming movie rentals from Android Market to rooted devices is due to "copyright protection."