Side bezels? The Ulefone Future doesn’t know the meaning of those words

Recently announced by Chinese company Ulefone, the Future certainly lives up to its name with the inclusion of a USB Type-C port and a fingerprint sensor. The phone will be available for purchase later this month.

A Chinese firm is selling iPhone-branded bags, and Apple’s not happy about it

Apple's bid to gain exclusive rights to the iPhone name in China has failed after a court threw out its claim. The decision means the Beijing firm at the center of the dispute can continue selling iPhone-branded bags, phones cases, and…

Uber’s canny deal with Alipay could bring big rewards

Uber's losing a billion dollars a year in China, but it hopes a new deal with Alipay will change all that. The partnership effectively makes it a lot easier for Chinese travelers to hail and pay for an Uber ride in all of the countries…

Keyever's Windows 10 smartphone shocks the world by including a physical keyboard

Keyever unveiled its unnamed Windows 10 Mobile smartphone, the first handset running Microsoft's latest mobile operating system to feature a physical keyboard. Keyever's smartphone will be released sometime during the third quarter.
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Don't be fooled by its cute exterior; This robotic guard can tase people who get unruly

The National Defense University in China unveiled the country's first "intelligent security guard," equipped with on-board cameras, an SOS button, and a taser.

China’s Baidu, Changan enter the autonomous vehicle fray

The race towards driverless technology is now seriously burning up the pavement. The international competition is on like never before as China pursues the development of its very own autonomous vehicles.
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China is building floating nuclear power stations

With 70 percent of our global real estate consisting of oceans and other bodies of water, one country with plenty of experience dealing with overcrowding is taking to the seas to build new power plants.
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China’s National Space Administration just announced plans to land on Mars by 2020

In a rare news conference, Xu Dazhe, the head of the China National Space Administration, has reiterated the country's plan to land on Mars by 2020, following in the footsteps of the U.S. Viking 1 mission.

Apple suffers China setback as authorities block iTunes movie and book sales

Apple's iTunes store for movies and books has reportedly been blocked in China. The online store only launched in the country six months ago, and so Apple executives will be keen to find out precisely why the action has been taken.
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Mice embryos can develop in space, Chinese scientists report

After spending just 80 hours aboard a Chinese research satellite this month, a batch of mouse embryos showed successful early-stage blastocyst development. The samples will now develop in Beijing alongside Earth-developed embryos.
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Chinese scientists built a ‘robot goddess,’ then made it subservient and insecure

An interactive female robot named Jia Jia is unveiled by Chinese researchers who hope their creation will one day become an intelligent "robot goddess" equipped with deep learning technology and the ability to recognize human faces.
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WeChat Enterprise could be the app to take down Slack

It looks like Slack is about to go to battle. WeChat has finally launched its take on an office chat app, called WeChat Enterprise. The app is being dubbed by fans as WeSlack, and offers a number of interesting features.