China cracks down on smartphone subsidies, so devices are more accurately priced

China will enact a new policy that includes cuts to the country's three state-owned wireless carriers' handset subsidies and promotions. While this will impact foreign OEMs, local companies such as Xiaomi will likely benefit.


Photoshopped porn pics generate big bucks for blackmailer (and a jail term)

He's not the first man in China to extort money out of officials through the creative use of Photoshop and porn actors, and he most likely won't be the last, but having just received a jail term for his actions, Mr. Zhang probably won't be doing it again.


Apple bans use of two chemicals in part of iPhone and iPad assembly

Apple has announced it's banning the use of two chemicals used in the final production process of a number of its tech products, including the iPhone. The chemicals have been linked to illnesses such as leukemia and can also cause nerve damage.


Xiaomi topples Samsung to take top spot in China smartphone market

Xiaomi shipped more smartphones in China during Q2 than any other company, according to data from Canalys. The figures see Samsung pushed from the top spot for the first time since the end of 2011.


China conducting anti-monopoly investigation against Microsoft, govt says

The Chinese government is putting Microsoft under the microscope, investigating them for monopolistic behavior.


Chinese government officials visit Microsoft offices without warning

Officials from the Chinese government made an unannounced visit to Microsoft offices, and it's unclear why they made the trip.


Chinese Tesla Model S owners go without navigation due to Google incompatibility

The Tesla Model S is currently sold in China without a working navigation system, because Google Maps isn't supported there. Neither is the over-the-air system Tesla would normally use to deploy a China-specific version.


Apple assures China that its iPhone location tracking feature is not a threat

State-run network China Central Television aired a report, calling the iPhone a national security threat. The broadcast claims iOS 7's "Frequent locations" feature can be used to steal state secrets. Apple denies the claim.


Mother, son die after attempt to retrieve cell phone fallen into cesspit

Cell phone-related tragedies are taking a different form as people put themselves in dangerous situations to retrieve devices. A woman and her son died after trying to recover a cell phone from an open-pit latrine.

State-run Chinese TV broadcast has harsh words for Windows 8 and Microsoft

The Chinese government doesn't like Windows 8, and an influential state-run TV network reiterated that sentiment.


China to leapfrog the U.S. in mobile phone revenue, according to report

According to a report by Strategy Analytics, China is poised to overtake the United States in global mobile phone revenue. However, the firm says the United States remains a profitable market, though it predicts sales will stagnate.

Android Army

Sony announces its plans to bring PlayStation 4 to China

Sony is finally following in Microsoft’s footsteps. The multinational corporation announced today that like the Xbox, the PlayStation will be making its way to the People’s Republic of China.


Microsoft is ‘working proactively’ with China to resolve the Windows 8 ban issue

Microsoft hopes it can come to a resolution with the Chinese government after its Windows 8 operating system was banned from use on state PCs. You can learn more here.


The Chinese console race has begun: Xbox One to launch in China this September

Microsoft has confirmed that it will launch the Xbox One in China this September, following China’s 14 year ban on gaming consoles. No word yet on what games to expect.


Microsoft’s Nokia deal given the final go-ahead, set to close later this month (Updated)

Following a delay, Nokia has confirmed the sale of its Devices division to Microsoft has received the final go-ahead from authorities in China, and now expects the deal to close by the end of April.