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China has plans to construct an underwater 'research lab' 10,000 feet below the South China Sea

Over the past couple of years, China has constructed artificial islands on reefs in the South China Sea. Now they’re planning construction of a sea lab some 10,000 feet underwater.
Movies & TV

Expectations low for U.S. release of 'Warcraft,' but it's breaking records in China

The new film adaptation of Warcraft is projected to underwhelm at the domestic box-office, but it's doing so well in the rest of the world that it likely won't matter. It has already broken a record in China.

Uber says it’ll beat Didi in China within a year, Didi says “cute”

Not so long ago, Uber said it was losing $1 billion in China. But now, it seems that the transportation giant's fortunes have changed. According to Zhen Liu, SVP of Strategy at Uber China, the car service will beat dominant rival Didi soon.
Cool Tech

China’s new heavy-lift ship is one of the biggest ever built

The Guang Hua Kou falls into a class of vessels known as heavy lift semi-submersible ships and, at 98,000 tons, it’s one of the biggest in existence. Heavy lift ships are designed to transport huge payloads that are too big to carry on…
Movies & TV

No rest for ‘The Rock’: Busy actor to star in ‘Die Hard’-style flick set in China

Skyscraper, described as "Die Hard in China," is a go and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is getting ready to go all John McClane on The Middle Kingdom. The project gives the busy actor 11 films that are in some stage of the production process.

China may send the first unhackable messages with quantum encryption

In an effort to get one up on government-sponsored and self-motivated hackers, China is set to launch the world's first quantum communications satellite, making its messages potentially un-hackable.
Social Media

China’s fake wall of social media posts is driving its citizens to distraction

A new study has revealed the staggering extent of fake, pro-government social media posts being shared by workers employed by China's Communist Party, and lays bare the state's meticulous social media strategy.

Second time lucky? China’s GAC Group will return to the Detroit Auto Show in 2017

Chinese carmaker GAC Group will appear at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show. The company showed its Trumpchi GS4 crossover there in 2015, but there's no indication of what it has planned for next year.
Cool Tech

Hate ordering fried chicken from human beings? KFC’s new restaurant has you covered

Have you ever wanted to order a bucket of fried chicken without having to speak to a single a human being? Now you can! KFC, in partnership with Chinese search engine giant Baidu, has just opened the world’s first human-free…
Cool Tech

Take a VR step onto Shanghai’s shores with us for CES Asia

Digital Trends is live in Shanghai for the newest offshoot of CES, and we’re bringing you along with us in the first installment of our VR videos from the show, this one along the Huangpu River.

Tim Cook lines up meetings with Chinese government to discuss issues

Apple's fortunes haven't been stormy for years now, but it can run into some turbulence now and again. In China right now, it's suffering sales dips and a loss of a key trademark, things Tim Cook is expected to discuss when he meets with…

Chinese computer manufacturers want to get in on gaming

Manufacturers including Haier, Hasee, Colorful and RaBook are reportedly trying to imitate Chinese success in the budget smartphone market by introducing new low-cost gaming laptops.