Apple Pay faces major roadblock in China, after UnionPay stalls negotiations

Apple Pay faces an uphill climb in race to bring mobile payments to China. UnionPay stalled negotiations after worries about increased competition rise. Chinese regulators also expressed concern over security.

Qualcomm loses its antitrust battle with China, will fork over nearly $1 billion

In a likely effort to curb Qualcomm's success, China imposed a $1 billion fine on the company. Both Qualcomm and China agreed to the settlement, which stemmed from China accusing the chipmaker of imposing anti-competitive licensing…

Apple’s perfectly executed iPhone 6 launch in China sees it smash the competition

Apple sold more devices in China in the fourth quarter than any other manufacturer, thanks to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The American company came in ahead of Xiaomi, Samsung, and Huawei.

Samsung’s grip on the Chinese market slipped ever so slightly in 2014

Samsung's loosened grip on the Chinese market in 2014 shouldn't come as a huge surprise, seeing how the company already had a less-than-stellar overall 2014. While Samsung is still on top, its lead has been trimmed tremendously.

Man tries to smuggle 94 iPhones into China by strapping them to his body

A Hong Kong man thought he could smuggle nearly 100 iPhones into China by strapping them to his body. However, his cunning plan was foiled when border officials noticed his walking style was anything but natural.

OnePlus sells nearly 1 million OnePlus One units in 2014, two new models coming in 2015

OnePlus sold close to 1 million units of its “flagship killer” in 2014. In 2015, the company will launch two new smartphone models: a new flaghship expected to be dubbed the OnePlus Two and a new model that emphasizes design over specs.

Motorola makes triumphant return to China with Moto X, Moto X Pro, and Moto G 2014

Now that its acquisition by Lenovo is complete, Motorola announced that it will return to China with the Moto X, Moto X Pro, and Moto G with 4G LTE. The Moto X will be available before Spring Festival, while the latter two will be available…

ZTE decides to shrink smartphone range, use voice control features to boost brand

According to the CEO of ZTE's devices division, the company will downsize its smartphone range over the coming year, and focus on high-tech features such as voice control to help it build brand value.

Hot, smelly, and handmade: A behind-the-scenes look at how Christmas decorations are made

This video profiles the city of Yiwu, China, where 60 percent of Christmas decorations are made. Somewhat surprisingly, they're mostly hand-assembled, instead of being mass-produced in a huge factory.

Thanks to affordable, powerful smartphones, mobile payments are taking off in China,

Online retailer Alibaba's mobile payment service Alipay is being used for more than half of its transactions now, showing the rapid growth of mobile shopping. Mobile purchases skyrocketed throughout all of China, reaching even remote areas.

Google ponders opening Play Store in China, starts accepting apps from Chinese developers

Google now allows Chinese developers to submit apps directly to the Play Store. Meanwhile, another report hints that the country may finally get the Play Store installed on select Android devices.