Kazakhstan mandates Internet backdoor, modeled after China’s Great Firewall

A new Internet surveillance law law would allow the Kazakhstan government to monitor all web traffic on both desktop and mobile devices, and closely resembles China's so-called Great Firewall.
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Trash-eating spacecraft turns orbital debris into fuel

There are more than a half million pieces of space junk that can do significant damage if they collide with a satellite or a spacecraft in orbit. A team of researchers from China have come up with a solution for removing it by using it as a…
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China gets Point Break reboot 3 weeks early, signals box office global shift

The Point Break remake will thrill Chinese moviegoers three weeks before it reaches the viewers stateside. The early release date in China serves as another indicator of the country's box-office prowess.
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China is building a controversial animal cloning facility to satisfy rising meat demands

The China-based company BoyaLife announced it plans on opening the world's largest animal cloning facility near Beijing in 2016. Once operational, it will supply 5 percent of the meat eaten in China.

Apple pushing to get Apple Pay into China, early February launch reported

Apple looks as if it's on the verge of launching its mobile payments service in one of its most important markets after a report Monday suggested iDevice users in China could have access to Apple Pay "by early February."
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China and the U.S. just set up a ‘space hotline’ to communicate

The most famous hotline of the hour may be Drake's "Hotline Bling, but it may soon be unseated by another hotline -- the space hotline set up between the United States and China to avoid potential interstellar conflicts.
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China unveils high-tech Fifth Space toilet facilities for the public

China has good news for you: Known as the "Fifth Space," this high-tech bathroom facility of the future has just debuted in Beijing, and promises to let you get more business done while doing your business.

Is China looking to build its own secure smartphones?

Amid growing worldwide concerns about security (or lack thereof), China is reportedly undertaking efforts to build its very own secure smartphones, undermining American manufacturers' positions in the booming Asian market.

Google's Play Store may finally return to China in 2016

Google wants to have a presence in China again with the possible launch of the Google Play Store in the country next year. According to Reuters, Google will comply with Chinese law on filtered content.

China still has the fastest supercomputer, and now has more than 100 in service

The Top 500 rankings are a fun way to gauge which countries boast the most powerful rigs in the world. While the U.S. still has the most supercomputers in service, China's TIanhe-2 remains the fastest in the world.
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Chinese scientists develop tunable stealth material that can hide ships from radar

This new material is designed to defeat microwave radar at the UHF band level. With its thin profile, this type of material is applicable to fighter jets, defeating a practical limitation found in previous materials.