Top 5 Android security apps: Do they protect you?

We analyze the features and reliability of the top five Android security and antivirus apps currently available from Qihu, Avast, ESET, Avira, and AVL.

Unknown hacker infects malware with anti-virus program

Although we may never know who is responsible, the Dridex Trojan malware has begun distributing the Avira anti-virus installer, making it a much less dangerous piece of kit, but no less puzzling.

The east coast blizzard caused an epic malware storm, according to Enigma Software

Storm Jonas kept millions of people indoors last week, and that apparently resulted in a few more clicks on infected links than normal. A report has found malware infection rates rose as much as 88 percent.

Google removes 13 malware-infested apps from Play Store

Google has banned 13 apps from the Play Store, after finding traces of malware capable of automatically rating an app and surviving a factory reset. Some of these apps were quite popular on the store, with over 100,000 downloads.

Fake IRS emails are delivering dangerous new malware this tax season

A nasty email is doing the rounds claiming to be from the IRS loaded with malware that can steal your personal banking data and encrypt your computer. The IRS has issued a reminder that it never contacts taxpayers by email.

Russian hackers suspected in recent Ukrainian power outage

A Ukrainian power outage in late December is now suspected to be the result of a cyberattack, making the blackout the first ever caused by malware. American officials are currently investigating Russian hackers for their alleged…

Hyatt joins growing list of high-end hotel groups hit by hackers

Hyatt is the latest hotel group to discover malware on its payment processing systems. The global company gave few details of the breach, but warned its customers to keep an eye on their payment card bills and to immediately report any…

Adware, beware! Microsoft plans to retaliate against software that doesn't behave

From next March, Microsoft will detect and remove any adware that uses man-in-the-middle techniques to inject advertisements into your browser. The method has been decried as insecure for some time.

Malware is all over file-sharing reveals new report

There's a one-in-three risk you will get malware by visiting websites with copyrighted files for illegal download. And reports indicate that pirate site owners have achieved a total annual revenue of over $70 million from malware.

Pre-boot malware Nemesis targets financial systems with data theft

Windows re-installs will usually wipe out most problematic malware, but not Nemesis. If you're running an older version of Windows, it can hide itself in your system's bootkit and tweak your system before it's even started.

New ransomware surprises victims with its affiliate program

Have you ever felt that malware makers were having too much fun, and wanted in on the gig? Good news! A ransomware virus called Chimera offers an affiliate program to anyone willing to help distribute it.

Hilton latest high-end hotel group to be hit by hackers

Point-of-sale systems inside major hotels' cafes, restaurants, and gift shops appear to be a firm favorite with hackers armed with data-collecting malware. Hilton is the latest global hotel group to fall victim to an attack, it was revealed…