This is how Google ensures the Play Store remains free from potential malware

Google works pretty relentlessly to ensure there is as little malware as possible on the Google Play Store. How? Well, for starters, every single app is monitored to ensure it doesn't compromise your data.

Malwarebytes finds the ‘first Mac malware of 2017,’ and Apple calls it ‘Fruitfly’

While macOS is indeed less of a malware target that Windows 10, you're not completely worry-free running a Mac. And now, some researchers at security software company Malwarebytes has found the first piece of macOS malware for 2017.

Shamoon returns with malware in hand to wipe hard drives, nuke virtual machines

A wave of the Shamoon malware campaign was discovered using a new variant of the Disttrack, targeting hard drives and virtual machines. The attackers obtained credentials to potentially access the platform for creating virtual machines.

This new Mac malware freezes your computer with email drafts

Security researchers at Malwarebytes have uncovered a new tech support scam for Macs, which delivers malware that will crash your computer by running hundreds of email drafts at once and using up tons of memory.

New Android malware uses your phone to attack your wireless router

A new Android malware doesn't stop at infecting your phone -- in fact, it attacks your wireless router and redirects all traffic going to it, allowing hackers to get personal data and redirect your browser to malicious sites.

FDA issues final guidelines on keeping medical devices safe from cyberattack

Malware aimed at medical devices is particularly dangerous, and so the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has singled out medical devices as being worthy of special protection against cyberattack,

Security experts find 43 Android phone brands affected by Chinese spyware

Chinese Android software secretly transmitted personal data including text messages, call details, and contacts from tens of thousands of phones sold by Lenovo, Blu, ZTE, and others. Researchers have now identified dozens of affected…

RansomFree by Cybereason is a free ransomware alert tool for Windows PCs

RansomFree is a new free ransomware detection and alert software tool for Windows. Released by Boston-based Cybereason, it will help consumers stay alert and take immediate action if ransomware infects their systems.

Ransomware Popcorn Time removes itself once you infect your friends with it

While all ransomware is nefarious, the Popcorn Time ransomware is particularly nasty. It offers a way for you to avoid paying but it involves becoming a malware spreader yourself by sending it to people you know.

Locky and Cerber have become the dominant ransomware families

Malwarebytes has published new research which shows the rate of ransomware infections increasing and not slowing down any time soon. The report also points to alleged Russian involvement.

Millions exposed to ads that use images infected by malicious scripts

Antivirus firm ESET reports that ads for Browser Defense and Broxu contain malicious scripts within the alpha channel parameters of their displayed images. The malicious script doesn't require a manual execution on the web surfer's part.

Cloudflare is fighting off a DDoS attack that started the day before Thanksgiving

Cloudflare has been noticing an increase in distributed denial of service (DDoS) traffic that began on November 23, the day before the U.S. Thanksgiving Day holiday weekend kicked off.