Malware can now detect virtual machines, and then go dark like a Cold War spy

Getting some malware to do its thing on a virtual machine is a godsend for security researchers, but that may not be something they can enjoy for long, as we're now seeing malware that can detect where it is and shut down if it knows you're…

Microsoft's Edge browser uses a virtual machine to quarantine itself from malware

Microsoft's Edge browser will reportedly use a “mini virtual PC” to isolate itself from the rest of your system, effectively quarantining the entire browser to prevent malware from gaining access to sensitive files.
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Yahoo confirms massive data breach was real, at least 500 million accounts compromised 3:41

Hundreds of millions of accounts were apparently compromised in August by a single hacker using the pseudonym Peace

Warning from police: Never plug in a USB stick you get in the mail

If you found an unmarked USB stick that you knew wasn't yours, your first reaction might be to stick it in your PC to find out what's on it. But beware – it could be infected with some nasty malware.

A fake ‘Pokémon Go’ app tricked half a million players into downloading malware

Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab says it's identified a malware-infected Android app called "Guide for Pokémon Go" that it believes has been downloaded more than half a million times by fans of the hit smartphone game.

California poised to add ransomware law that carries sentence of up to four years

A bill in California that is poised to be signed into law would classify ransomware as extortion and allows prosecutors to call for jail sentences between two and four years. It is aimed at deterring hackers from using ransomware.

Your Android might be controlled by a malicious Twitter account

According to a recent blog post from ESET, there's a new kind of mobile malware that makes use of Twitter to control an Android device-based botnet. It's the first known mobile malware to use this kind of social media account.

20 major hotels were hacked by malware, including some Marriott locations

It's not the first time for an operator of high-end hotels to be hit by hackers, and it more than likely won't be the last. This time 20 establishments were targeted over a 15-month period, with customer data exposed in a series of malware…

Here's how to get rid of that annoying browser redirect malware

A hijacked browser tab can annoy you with endless redirects, which essentially makes your browser unusable. Fortunately, you can get rid of this recurring problem with the right steps! Here's how.

New 'El Gato' Android ransomware may sound cute, but it packs a punch

McAfee cybersecurity researchers have discovered a new Android ransomware, dubbed 'El Gato,' which is capable of stealing SMS messages, locking infected devices remotely, and permanently encrypting files.

Powerful malware infected governments in Russia, Iran, and Rwanada, stayed hidden for five years

Malware dubbed "ProjectSauron" infected government and other targets in Russia and Iran, then managed to stay hidden for five years, while extracting data. It used all sorts of tricks to stay hidden, including renaming itself at random.

Malware alert — don’t plug in that USB stick you found on the street

Hackers who want to control, destroy, ransom, or phish on your computer can use USB sticks for the job. If you find a random USB stick somewhere, don't plug it in. "Lost" USB sticks may be user bait.