Hilton latest high-end hotel group to be hit by hackers

Point-of-sale systems inside major hotels' cafes, restaurants, and gift shops appear to be a firm favorite with hackers armed with data-collecting malware. Hilton is the latest global hotel group to fall victim to an attack, it was revealed…

Did you stay at one of the 54 Starwood hotels affected by a malware attack?

Nothing ruins a good vacation (or its memories) like a data breach. Unfortunately, if you stayed at one of the 54 Starwood hotels that were recently hit by malware, you may want to check your accounts.

Developer behind malware app InstaAgent says there’s nothing to worry about

A third-party Instagram app promising to show who's viewing your profile has been exposed as malware. The app, InstaAgent, steals the supplied login data and sends it to a server, then may attempt to post pictures to your account.

Thousands of cheap tablets sold on Amazon have Trojans pre-installed

Security researchers at Cheetah Mobile have found more than 30 manufacturers with Trojan-infected tablets for sale on Amazon and thousands have allegedly been shipped to customers.

Poorly written malware demands a ransom, but never releases your files

It's usually not a good idea to pay the ransom on a virus, but that's especially true in the case of a newly discovered strain forgets the encryption key as soon as it finishes locking up all of your files.

Ransomware, malware operations shut down, but not going away

Researchers from Cisco Systems announced they were behind the takedown of a massive ransomware operation run by a cyber criminal group. The take from this operation was an estimated $34 million per year.

New iOS malware in China hijacks apps and forces full-page ads in Safari

A new crop of malware has been spotted making the rounds in China and Taiwan, slyly getting onto devices by offering a way to circumvent Web censorship in the country. It is the latest in Apple's battle to lower malware rates in China.

Thieves can steal cash by texting an ATM with latest malware

In 1983’s largely forgettable and campy Superman III, Richard Pryor’s “hacker” character makes cash spew out of a comically ancient ATM machine. In 1991’s Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Edward Furlong’s…
Web the latest victim of malvertising plague

It’s not a new threat on the scene, but it’s still dangerous — and malvertising on the web is on the rise. Malvertising is the spread of malware through online advertising, and it’s pretty ugly. It’s especially…
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Apple purges App Store of apps that could hold malware: DT Daily 1:27

Apple boots about 40 apps from App Store after X-code malware threat, White House's first use of Periscope documents Pope's arrival.

Apple to alert affected users about major iOS security breach

Now it's had a chance to better assess the situation regarding malware-infected apps that have landed in its app store, Apple has posted a Q&A page explaining to iOS users what steps it's taking to help those affected and to stop it…

Apple cleans up iOS store after major malware security breach

Apple said it's cleared its iOS store of malware-infected apps in what's thought to be the largest security breach of its kind to hit the software marketplac. One Silicon Valley security firm described the malicious software as "very…