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Zuckerberg issues apology over board member Marc Andreessen's India comments

Mark Zuckerberg has taken to Facebook to issue an official apology regarding board member Marc Andreessen's comments about India's ban on Free Basics. Zuckerberg described the statements as "deeply upsetting."
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Mark Zuckerberg shows off his Mandarin in first Facebook video of baby daughter Max

Mark Zuckerberg has shared the first Facebook video of his daughter Max in celebration of the Chinese new year. Fittingly, the clip is entirely in Mandarin with English subtitles, and sees the Facebook founder reveal his daughter's Chinese…
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Facebook will have 5 billion users by 2030 predicts Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg claims that 5 billion users will be on Facebook by 2030. The announcement comes as the social network celebrates its 12th anniversary by emphasising its role in helping people create friendships online.
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Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth soars overnight to a lofty $47 billion

Following a massive overnight growth in stock, Mark Zuckerberg has beaten out the Koch Brothers on the "rich list," with a net worth of $47 billion, making him the sixth wealthiest person on the planet.
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What does Mark Zuckerberg’s wardrobe say about him?

Mark Zuckerberg's latest Facebook post reveals what the tech mogul wears to work. The status, which has now been shared over a million times, offers an exclusive glimpse into Zuckerberg's distinct fashion style.
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Zuckerberg goes on the offensive, blasts critics of Free Basics

Facebook's chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, has penned an opinion piece in the Times of India, defending the company's Free Basics program, which offers a selection of services without using any of the user's mobile data.
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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg explains why he is not giving his $45 billion to charity

Facebook's chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, has defended his philanthropic plans earlier today, revealing where some of the $45 billion will be going. This comes after criticism for not donating the money to charity.
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A black hole for urine and Mark Zuckerberg gives his Facebook fortune away | DT Daily 2:30

Utah State University scientists have finally solved a problem men have been wrestling with for decades: urinal splash-back. Also in the daily today, Mark Zuckerberg, who just had a baby, has been moved to give away his fortune.
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Basking in the glow of new parenthood, Zuck says he’ll give his fortune away

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg is a dad now, and on the day he announced the birth of daughter Max, Zuck and wife Priscilla Chan pledged to give away 99 percent of their fortune to charitable causes over their lifetime.

Why did Facebook turn on Safety Check for Paris and not Beirut? Zuckerberg explains

After Facebook activated its "Safety Check" feature in the wake of the Paris terror attacks, some wondered why the company hadn't also activated it for an attack in Beirut the day before. On Sunday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained.
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Privacy is dead, says Mark Zuckerberg, even for his unborn daughter

Mark Zuckerberg said of his unborn child's first steps, "I’m really looking forward to being able to capture not just a photo but to really capture the experience" by way of Facebook's foray into VR.

Facebook wants to work with the UN to bring Internet access to refugee camps

In a speech delivered at a lunch hosted by the United Nations Private Sector Forum at the U.N.’s headquarters on Saturday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said his company wants to work with the U.N. to bring Internet access to people in…