New York City

New York is using an anti-terror app to keep its people safe

On Monday, Governor Andrew Cuomo unveiled a new mobile app effort called See Something, Send Something designed to bolster New York's "ability to fight terrorism." The app app allow users to send tips to law enforcement officials.
Cool Tech

Rent a mom with NeedAMom, the Brooklyn-based service for New York young adults

Not all of us have the luxury of living in the same city, same state, or even same country as our parents, which is why Nina Keneally has introduced NeedAMom, the service that allows you to rent a mother for the most dire of your days.

NYC taxi cabs to test GPS-based fare meters and mobile technology to fight Uber and Lyft

The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission is piloting a program that will install GPS-based fare meters in 1,000 of its yellow taxi cabs. The pilot will also replace the irritating “Taxi TVs” with new payment systems.
Cool Tech

Microsoft to open giant NY City store this month, just a few blocks from Apple’s

Microsoft is gearing up to open its first flagship store in New York City later this month. The premises is located on Fifth Avenue, just a short walk from Apple's famous glass-cube site.

GM unveils car sharing program for the Big Apple

General Motors is running a pilot program called "Let's Drive NYC" that gives residents of the Ritz Plaza luxury apartment building access to short-term car rentals and parking in Manhattan.

Arro is the latest cab-hailing app to try and topple Uber

Watch out, Uber, the competitors are coming. Arro just launched in New York City with a promise not to rely on surge pricing during busy periods, and the app is coming to more cities soon.

New York man in trouble after he interfered with Sprint’s network with illegal equipment

The FCC stepped in to lend a helping hand after Sprint issued a complaint to the federal agency, saying someone was interfering with its network in New York City. After looking into the matter, Jian Chang finds himself between a rock and a…
Cool Tech

Some NYC trash cans will soon give you 75Mbps of free Wi-Fi

You may think that they're only good for keeping litter off the streets, but like New York City inhabitants, New York City trash cans are capable of much more than meets the eye. They will soon double as Wi-Fi hotspots.

The dirtiest smear campaign of the year? Uber vs. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio

Uber has launched a massive campaign against New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and his new proposed bill in that would limit the number of for-hire vehicle licenses issued in the city.

New York City to Google: Reduce the number of left turns in Maps navigation directions

Members of the New York City Council have written a letter to Google requesting the company reduce the number of left turns suggested to drivers using Google Maps. The appeal aims to reduce the number of left-turn-related deaths in the…

More like a top porch: This structure sits next to a meadow on top of a six-story building

David Puchkoff wanted a porch, and there was only one place to put it: the roof of his six-story building. So, he sealed it, added some waterproofing membrane, added some plants, and made a meadow, too.

Google’s Sidewalk Labs kicks off with project to bring free Wi-Fi to New York City

Sidewalk Labs, the new Google-owned company that plans to use technology to help improve life for people in urban areas, wants to roll out free Wi-Fi on the streets of major cities, starting with New York.