Space station flyover of Aurora Borealis produces stunning NASA video

NASA's latest video from the International Space Station shows a surreal look at the Aurora Borealis as seen from space.

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Nikon unveils D800 DSLR and yes, its pixel count is enormous

Nikon unveiled its latest DSLR camera on Tuesday, the D800, confirming recent rumors that it would incorporate a huge 36.3MP sensor. Buyers of the device might also want to consider getting several extra-large external hard drives to hold all of their…


A closer look at the next iteration of the Nikon Coolpix lineup

We break down what's been improved in the new generation of compact Coolpix digital cameras from Nikon.


Nikon D800 looks set to be unveiled early February

It appears a date has been set for the official launch of Nikon's D700 replacement, the D800. And it's only days away....

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The best digital cameras from CES 2012

Check out our favorite cameras from CES, from high-end DSLRs to new hybrids and even a light-field camera that defies category.


Nikon announces its latest full frame DSLR, the D4

A new professional DSLR from Nikon will debut next month, boasting huge video upgrades and enhanced low light shooting.


First look: the Nikon D800 leaks

Nikon's preparing a new DSLR, the D800, and now images have surfaced showing it off in all its boxy glory.


New DSLR release rumors from Canon and Nikon

Two new releases from veteran digital imaging companies Canon and Nikon are in our midst.


Concept cameras: Digital photography’s craziest pipe dreams

If you've been impressed by built-in filters and GPS functions in your digital camera, be prepared to have your mind blown by these ground-breaking concepts...most of which will never make it past the mock-up stage.


Nikon announces the 1 system: Mirrorless cameras debut next month

Nikon will release two mirrorless cameras next month, and all the specs appear to line up with speculation.


Is Nikon the next to bring a mirrorless interchangable lens camera to the table?

Nikon says there's nothing to announce, but we're putting our money on a MICL competitor from the manufacturer in the near future.


New Nikon CoolPix cameras pack ruggedness and projectors

Nikon's latest Coolpix cameras pack high resolution, massive zooms, faster image processing, a model with a built-in projector, and a ruggedized model.


What does Lytro mean for photography?

Lytro has grabbed our undivided attention, but while we click and refocus those gallery pictures in wide-eyed wonder, we have to ask what it will really mean for the digital photography industry.