PayPal launches new payments service to pay friends easily

A vast majority of people in the U.S. either owe or are owed a small amount of money and PayPal wants to make sure that payment is sent. They have launched a new service directly to tackle the problem of not paying for small loans.

Subway introduces app for remote ordering, mobile payments

Ideal for avoiding the line at your local Subway shop, the sandwich chain has launched a new mobile app that gives customers the ability to place orders at their local store as well as pay through PayPal.
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In the UK, you can fill up with your phone with Shell’s pay-at-pump PayPal service

Shell U.K. has launched its pay-at-the-pump PayPal service, which allows customers to purchase gasoline without entering the store. Called Fill Up & Go, the service is a part of the Shell Motorist app and works with Android and Apple…

New PayPal policy could mean unwanted robocalls and ads for users

A new PayPal user agreement that's set to take effect at the start of July opts users into receiving robocalls and ads, and even lets the company make contact through phone numbers that users haven't even given to the company.

PayPal slammed with $25 million fine for lying to customers about buying on credit

PayPal has been ordered to pay $25 million in refunds and government fines by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau after an investigation was launched into the company signing up customers for credit lines they did not ask for.

Shell UK and PayPal team up for mobile pay-at-the-pump launch across 1,000 gas stations

Shell UK and PayPal will start offering drivers the option of using an app to pay for their fuel at 1,000 UK gas stations from April, without leaving their cars. Apple's competing Apple Pay mobile payments system has yet to launch in the…

EBay to cut 2,400 jobs as it prepares PayPal spinoff

EBay boss John Donahoe this week said he's glad to see the back of 2014, but with several thousand job losses set for 2015, as well as a major bit of PayPal-related restructuring to deal with, 2015 will hardly be a walk in the park, either…

Google is in talks to buy mobile payments company Softcard to fend off Apple Pay

Google is girding its loins for an all-out mobile payments war with Apple and others, and its next move appears to be acquiring current competitor Softcard. The move would help Google fend off Apple’s growing mobile payments market share.

Parking tickets hurt, but NYC plans to ease the ache with Apple Pay

Paying for parking tickets in New York may soon get a lot easier, thanks to Apple pay and other mobile payment systems. Now all you have to worry about is avoiding a ticket in the first place.

Easily settle your debts with these 9 money sending applications

Safely and securely send money to your friends and family with these nine great money sending applications.

PayPal was going to partner with Apple Pay, but then it cozied up to Samsung

When Apple pay announced its list of partners, mobile payments giant PayPal was notably absent. New reports say the company's deal with Samsung may be to blame.

Twitter likely to introduce ‘buy’ button later this year after partnering with Stripe

Twitter is reportedly partnering with online payments service Stripe for its push into e-commerce. The social media site could introduce a 'buy' button before year-end, enabling users to purchase items from businesses without leaving the…