PayPal's Venmo is in trouble with the FTC

Venmo could be in hot water, and that includes its parent company PayPal. The Federal Trade Commission sent the payments company a Civil Investigative Demand, seeking answers to whether or not the company engaged in deceptive or unfair…
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“Oh! THAT memo.” PayPal plans gender equality program with all-male panel

In a communications mixup, the flyer for a PayPal panel on gender equality featuring five male speakers left out a subtitle that indicated men as allies. Subsequent explanations didn't do much to change the impression.

PayPal beware: You could soon ‘pay with Amazon’ anywhere on the web

Amazon is stepping on PayPal's toes with a partnership program for Amazon payments. This program will allow e-commerce platforms to deploy Amazon Payments on more websites, so that customers can pay with the info they've already given…

PayPal hopes to launch Xoom in Cuba before the end of the year

PayPal's President Dan Schulman, along with other tech companies, joined President Barack Obama on his first trip to Cuba as President. Schulman expects PayPal's money transferring service Xoom service to be available in Cuba by the end of…

PayPal is cutting off VPN providers that offer international access to Netflix

Following Netflix's crackdown on VPN providers offering access to region-restricted content, PayPal has cut off at least one provider from using its service for accepting payments from users.

Venmo brings third-party payment support, but for only two apps right now

PayPal's Venmo just added third-party payment support -- but it's compatible with two apps right now, and is also iOS-only at the moment. It's also only available for select iOS users at the moment, but Venmo says it will add more users…

Brian Krebs exposes major flaws in PayPal’s security system

Brian Krebs discovered that his PayPal account was compromised due to what he claimed was a lack of authentication and security protocols on PayPal's end. On Christmas Eve, the journalist became the victim of a hacking attempt.

More pay than pals: Paypal processes $8,733 every second

According to recent report, the leading online payment processor PayPal is currently handling more than $8,000 in transactions every second of every day. That's a 140 percent increase from 2011.

PayPal launches new payments service to pay friends easily

A vast majority of people in the U.S. either owe or are owed a small amount of money and PayPal wants to make sure that payment is sent. They have launched a new service directly to tackle the problem of not paying for small loans.

Subway introduces app for remote ordering, mobile payments

Ideal for avoiding the line at your local Subway shop, the sandwich chain has launched a new mobile app that gives customers the ability to place orders at their local store as well as pay through PayPal.
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In the UK, you can fill up with your phone with Shell’s pay-at-pump PayPal service

Shell U.K. has launched its pay-at-the-pump PayPal service, which allows customers to purchase gasoline without entering the store. Called Fill Up & Go, the service is a part of the Shell Motorist app and works with Android and Apple…

New PayPal policy could mean unwanted robocalls and ads for users

A new PayPal user agreement that's set to take effect at the start of July opts users into receiving robocalls and ads, and even lets the company make contact through phone numbers that users haven't even given to the company.