Toyota is heading to the Oregon Trail Rally with a 2WD RAV4

The Toyota-Millen RAV4 team is heading to the Oregon Trail Rally this weekend to take on the grueling three-day event. The team is taking part in the 2WD class, and will face competition from brands like BMW, MINI, Volvo, Subaru, and Ford.

Toyota to mash plants into parts for your car’s next engine

Toyota, the world's largest auto manufacturer, will be replacing its petroluem-based rubber engine and drive system hoses with biohydrin rubber. This will reduce carbon emissions by 20 percent. The first vehicles to employ the biosynthetic…

Toyota's Prius hybrid features a towing package for the first time ever

Toyota has revealed that its 2016 Prius can be optioned with a tow package to haul just under 1,600 pounds. The hitch can be easily attached and removed, and doesn't change the car's rear bumper design.

Toyota backs expanded connected-car tech test in Michigan

Toyota will back expanded testing of vehicle-to-vehicle communication (V2V) tech in Ann Arbor, Michigan. V2V allows cars to "talk" to each other and infrastructure, and is viewed as a potential safety feature.

Toyota looks to put a 'guardian angel' beside you as you drive

Toyota has already unveiled a series of improvements aimed at bringing its automobiles into the 21st century, and now, it's going a step further -- it's going to put an invisible co-pilot in the front seat with you

Toyota Connected is making the driving experience more seamless than ever

Toyota Connected "builds on Toyota’s global vision of a future of mobility that is clean, safe, and convenient," relying upon Microsoft Azure's cloud technology system to power up 21st-century driving.

Would you buy a new Toyota just for automatic emergency braking?

By the end of 2017 most Toyota and Lexus models will include automatic emergency braking (AEB). Standard technology will include automatic high beams, lane departure alerts, and automatic braking to prevent or mitigate front end collisions.

Toyota’s popular Corolla celebrates its 50th birthday with a bold new look

Toyota is celebrating the Corolla's 50th birthday by giving the compact a new look, and launching a limited-edition model. Limited to 8,000 examples, the commemorative Corolla gets more standard features and black cherry accents.
2016 New York Auto Show

Scion makes last auto show appearance with tC Release Series 10.0 in New York

The 2016 Scion tC Release Series 10.0 will debut at the 2016 New York Auto Show as the last new Scion ever. It's a version of Scion's perennial bestseller, and the only model that won't become a Toyota after Scion dies.