Toshiba 55UX600 Review


  • 1080p, 120 Hz edge-lit LED HDTV
  • WLAN Adaptor supplied
  • Easy Net access
  • Solid picture quality but not outstanding
  • 4 HDMI inputs


Our Score 8
User Score 0


  • Does not support Netflix
  • Remote could be better
  • Full-array backlit sets are much better but costlier
  • Higher-quality surround circuitry would be a plus
The Toshiba 55UX600 is not a screaming buy, but it’s still a good television that easily connects to the web at the touch of your remote.


While folks are chomping at the bit for 3D HDTVs—or so the industry would have you believe—Internet-connected sets are real and arriving at a rapid clip. Everyone has them including Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG, Sharp and now Toshiba. The net-connected UX600 lets you access YouTube videos, download VUDU movies, check out photos on Flickr, listen to Internet radio, access news streams and lots more. Competing models offer similar features. Along with dancing soldiers on YouTube you can also check out traditional HDTV programs and Blu-ray movies to round out your entertainment buffet. Let’s see if the 55UX600 satisfied our appetites…

Features and Design

The Toshiba 55UX600 is fairly straight ahead flat-panel display. No curvy lines like those found on LG sets or splashes of color from Samsung. Our unit was basic black. Toshiba calls it a Thin Air Lagoon design but we didn’t hear any Hawaiian music in the background after setting it up. Still it’s not unattractive–just don’t expect to be wowed. What will impress you is the slimness, which is a shade under 2 inches (1.96 to be exact). Other dimensions are 53 inches wide, 33 tall plus it tips the scales at 63 pounds with the stand.

The front is a clean and simple as can be. There’s an illuminated Toshiba logo on the lower bezel along with power on/off and self timer indicators. Off to the left is the remote sensor while the Auto Brightness Sensor is on the right. This last sensor adjusts backlighting levels to match the light in your room.

The right side panel has the controls you’ll never use (on/off, channel up/down and so on) since if you’re like us, the remote never leaves your hand. Below them are load of inputs including an SD card slot, USB 1, Ethernet, USB 2 (for the WLAN adaptor), two HDMI and a set of component ins. On the rear are additional ins and outs including two more HDMI ins, PC audio and PC video ins, digital audio and IR sensor outs along with antenna/cable in. This is a good selection although we wish the SD card reader handled other files such as AVCHD videos rather than basic JPEG photos.

What’s In The Carton

You get the television, 106-page Owner’s Manual, cleaning cloth, Allen wrench to connect the display to the supplied stand and a remote with two AAA batteries. What is a bit different is the supplied Dual Band WLAN Adaptor (802.11a/b/g/n) so you can tap into your router. Most other brands make you pay another $100 or so for the adaptor.

Definitely have a friend help you unpack the HDTV and assemble it—especially the 55-inch model. Once the 55UX600 was in position with sources connected, it was time to see how it performed.

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