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This video has Nick Offerman, a guitar, a horse, and whiskey. What more could you want?

Nick Offerman picks up his guitar to sing a song about his true love: Whiskey. He may not have a third hand to drink it, but he does have a good lesson for us all.


Not worth it at any price: Black Friday ‘deals’ that are definitely duds

There are deals worth going out and getting on Black Friday. These aren't them. Do yourself a favor and leave these products on the shelf, no matter how cheap they are. You'll pay for it later.

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Best Buy starts online only ‘early access’ Black Friday deals

Black Friday lets shoppers get in on savings early with online only "early access" deals good just for November 25, 2014. Quantities are limited so get in on these offers quick and save yourself a trip out on Black Friday.

Cool Tech

Look no further: We piled all the best Black Friday deals into this master guide

The craziest holiday saving season is upon us, and here's a look at upcoming Black Friday deals on gadgets and accessories - if you dare brave the lines.

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Looking for a date tonight? Clover adds on-demand dating to its app

Dating app Clover is part Tinder and part OKCupid, showing users who likes them. Version 3.0 of the app adds a new on-demand dating service to find a date tonight with two taps by picking a time and place.


Hot deal: Here’s how to save 50 percent on HTC phone accessories

With the holiday shopping season almost upon us, HTC is helping you get an early start by sharing a Hot Deal every Tuesday for the next 9 weeks. This week: Save $350 off on the HTC One M8


How to get an unlocked Moto G for under $100

Motorola's entry-level Android handset the Moto G was already priced right, but now you can get an unlocked first generation model on sale for $100. We'll show you how to pull off this bargain.


When you’re not logging miles, Runtastic’s latest app will help you Sleep Better

Fitness company Runtastic tries its hand at inactivity with its sleep tracking app Sleep Better. Accuracy concerns aside, it provides a lot of information and a solid Smart Alarm system for waking up better.


We like it! This app won’t let you check work email when you’re off hours

You're spending too much time checking your email outside of work and it's costing you productivity at work. Enforced Vacation, a new email app, is here to fix that by placing a wall between your work and personal time.


BlackBerry CEO is determined to turn things around, and he’s starting to make progress

BlackBerry CEO John Chen took to LinkedIn on Monday to write a post about how to conduct a turnaround--specifically, what he's doing to help save BlackBerry and bring it back from the brink.


iOS 8.1 now available: Brings Apple Pay, iCloud photo library, and camera roll (updated)

Apple announces iOS 8.1, an update to its mobile OS that will provide the framework for Apple Pay, brings back the camera roll, and adds beta for iCloud photo library.


HTC Desire Eye vs. One M8: Does a better selfie make a better phone?

HTC's One M8 is a solid all-around smartphone, but what if you're mostly after selfies? It's a little vain, but the new Desire Eye will indulge you. How do the two smartphones from HTC compare? We take a look at the specs.


Sony’s waterproof, wirelessly charging Xperia Z3V lands on Verizon Oct. 23

Sony's flagship smartphone, the Xperia Z3, is making its way to the United States. Verizon will carry the device, named the Xperia Z3V, for the first time. It will also make the trip with new features, including wireless charging.


Is an iPhone worth as much as a house? It is in Detroit

How much is an iPhone 6 worth? To an Austrian man who is trying to ditch a property in Detroit, it's worth a two-story house. He's still accepting offers, so place your bids while you can.


Star Citizen’s insane $56 million crowdfunding total earn it a Guinness World Record

Space sim Star Citizen has racked up so much crowdfunded support, it's earned acknowledgement from Guinness Book of World Records. The game has raised over $55 million, making it the most crowdfunded project in history.