David Nield

David Nield

Dave is a freelance journalist from Manchester in the north-west of England. He's been writing about technology since the days of Windows 95 and the Pentium processor, and you can find his work on a variety of different tech sites. Outside of the world of apps and gadgets he enjoys long walks in the countryside and the occasional game of football (also known as soccer).

Apple Music trial terms are a very bad call, says Taylor Swift

Apple's decision not to pay artists royalties during the three-month trial period offered to all Apple Music users is "shocking" and "disappointing" in the words of Taylor Swift, via her Tumblr.


Uber bans firearms in its cars, for drivers and passengers

Whereas it had previously deferred to local and federal laws on gun possession, Uber has now banned all types of firearms from its cars — though the decision isn't related to the Charleston shooting.


Amazon is updating its ratings system to make it more useful

From now on the reviews and star ratings you see next to products on Amazon should be more useful and relevant, as the company is adding more weight to newer reviews and ones upvoted by users.


DuckDuckGo enjoys steep rise in searches thanks to Snowden, iOS

DuckDuckGo is reporting a sharp rise in visitor numbers as online users decide to turn their back on Google's user-tracking model — and the potential for third-party tracking that goes with it.


Watching cat videos officially good for you, says the latest research

Don't feel guilty about clicking through a list of cat videos when you need to take a break — a new study published in journal Computers in Human Behavior says it has positive effects on mood.


Kinect will be the only way to speak to Cortana on the Xbox One

If you're planning to use voice control to access Cortana on the upcoming Xbox One Dashboard update, then you're going to need a Kinect too, according to Microsoft's promotional material.


Jurassic World stomps over worldwide box office records

The CGI dinosaurs might be big, but the ticket sales are even bigger. Jurassic World has pulled in more money this weekend than any previous movie, and that's just one of the records it's broken.

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Philae Lander comet probe wakes up from its slumber

After seven months in a state of deep electronic sleep, the Philae Lander has reconnected with its operators. It's amazing news for the European Space Agency, which feared it was lost forever.

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Russia and China have cracked encrypted Snowden files, report says

Sounds like the Edward Snowden affair still has a long way to go — the Sunday Times reports that MI6 agents have been pulled out of Russia and China after sensitive data was exposed.


NASA is bringing 4K content to YouTube, and here’s a 20-second teaser

Check out NASA's first 4K clip on YouTube — assuming you have the hardware to handle it — which the agency promises is the first of many UHD videos it's going to be showcasing in the future.


Wikipedia switches to default encryption for its crowdsourced encyclopedia

Wikipedia and its associated sites are going encrypted — that makes it much harder for anyone to spy on your browsing patterns or limit which pages you can and can't see on the site.


Facebook is watching you watch the News Feed

Another week, another tweak to the Facebook News Feed: Mark Zuckerberg's company has announced it's now measuring how much time you spend looking at each of your friends' social media updates.

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Is Google planning a Glass relaunch in the near future?

A job role being advertised for Google suggests that version 2.0 of Glass isn't far away — the position requires experience of consumer product launches as well as quality and reliability testing.


Passenger jet pilot reports a close encounter with a drone

Before heading out with your drone, you might want to review the FAA's regulations on their use — particularly the section about operating them close to airports and avoiding other aircraft.

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