K. T. Bradford

K. T. Bradford

Former Digital Trends Contributor
K. T Bradford is a lover of gadgets and all things geek. Prior to writing for Digital Trends she cut her teeth on tech writing at Laptop Magazine as the News Editor. Her reviews, insights, and proof of geek cred can also be found at GottaBeMobile, the late, lamented Tecca.com, io9, and Black Enterprise magazine. Besides indulging her gadget nerditry, she also writes essays on pop culture and writes science fiction.

Hands on: Toshiba’s Portégé Z10t is a mini but mighty Ultrabook

Toshiba's Portege Z10t is designed for business, but it has a lot of the features mainstream consumers wish they could get on an Ultrabook/tablet hybrid, such as full-size ports…

  • Pros: Light weight , Sturdy build , Keyboard dock and two styli…
  • Cons: No battery in the dock

Sony Xperia ZL Review

The Sony Xperia ZL has a beautiful screen, attractive design, speedy performance, and a decent camera. But a small pile of minor problems makes this $630 phone a tough sell.

  • Pros: Simple and attractive design , Light and narrow enough for…
  • Cons: Too many buttons on right side , Awkward front camera…

Hands on: HP enters the supersized tablet fray with the Envy Rove 20

Ultra portability isn't the main driver behind this type of all-in-one. Its weight and size can be blamed for that, but flexibility is the name of the game, and HP's Rove handles…

  • Pros: Lays down flat , Beautiful screen
  • Cons: Large and bulky , Heavy

Galaxy Note 2 vs Optimus G Pro: In-depth comparison

The LG Optimus G Pro is LG's new flagship Android device and it is already generating a lot of excitement. We pit the LG Optimus G Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and find out how the specs match up with these two Android smartphone/tablet hybrids.

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Pantech Discover Review

The Pantech Discover combines premium features and performance with a budget price, making it more impressive than many phones that cost twice as much.

  • Pros: Comfortable, compact, attractive design , Long battery life…
  • Cons: Skin feels overstuffed and overcomplex at times , Camera app…

Nook Simple Touch may soon get Web and email: Here are three more things we want

A leaked memo reveals that Barnes & Noble may add a browser and email app to the Nook Simple Touch and GlowLight. If the bookseller in the updating mood, there are three other features we'd like to see come to the E Ink Nooks.


Possible iPhone 5S components leak, hint at internal redesign

Supposed pictures of internal parts from the iPhone 5S reveal a little bit about how the new iPhone will differ from the current model.


Belkin’s Dyle Mobile TV Receiver brings network TV to the iPad, no Internet required

Want to watch broadcast TV on your iPad or iPhone but don't want to stream over the Internet? A new antenna from Belkin captures digital airwaves without the need for Wi-Fi or mobile broadband via the Dyle TV service. But is this setup better than Aereo?


Google Play Books update adds ability to upload your e-book collection

There was no big announcement but Google has issued a major update to Google Play Books, allowing you to upload your purchased book collection. We think Google may have something even more exciting in store down the road.

Android Army

Google challenges Spotify with all-you-can-listen subscription music service

The much anticipated Google music subscription service launched at Google I/O today for the expected price with the expected features. All Access blends your existing music catalog with Google's for seamless auto-playlists and streaming.


HP’s hybrid grows up: Split x2 gets Core i5 and an extra hard drive

The HP Split x2 is a grown-up Envy x2 with a larger screen, more dock options, and powerful processors. All of that sounds great, but do people really want a 13.3-inch tablet, even if it does run Windows 8?


Hands on: $479 HP SlateBook x2 Tegra 4-powered Android tablet hybrid

The HP SlateBook x2 will be one of the first Tegra 4 Android tablets when it ships later this summer, and it's shaping up to be a great tablet/notebook hybrid thanks to the great…

  • Pros: Beautiful display with full HD resolution , Dock has battery…
  • Cons: Few ports

Second time’s the charm? Notion Ink is back with the Adam 2 tablet

The second generation of the Notion Ink Adam appears to be real and might even be inexpensive. Can the team that tried and failed so spectacularly before deliver a tablet that people will love or at least like?


New carrier Zact hopes to take the evil out of smartphone data plans

Zact takes the sticker shock out of upgrading from feature phones to smartphones by allowing customers to design a wireless plan based on their exact needs -- including no data, no voice, or no texts -- for a low price.


LG Optimus G Pro Review

...though it’s still chasing major rival Samsung in many ways, the Optimus G Pro is a major step forward. It's well designed, comfortable, speedy, and boasts a fantastic display.

  • Pros: Attractive, comfortable design , Big, beautiful full 1080p…
  • Cons: Viewing angles aren't as wide as we'd like , QButton gets in…