Nick Jaynes

Nick Jaynes

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Nick Jaynes is the Automotive Editor for Digital Trends. He developed a passion for writing about cars working his way through Journalism School as a Volvo mechanic. In his free time, Nick enjoys hiking with his Treeing Walker Coonhound, Ruger.

Aston Martin's V8 Vantage GT is so perfect, it makes $99K feel like a steal

Can a $99,000, entry-level Aston Martin ever be as good as the Porsche 911? We took one to the mountains outside Santa Monica to find out.

  • Pros: Relatively accessible pricing , Iconic and enviable exterior…
  • Cons: I still can’t afford one

Chevrolet’s 2015 Silverado Custom offers luxury looks for a reasonable $33k

Chevrolet just unveiled its newest iteration of American classic: the Silverado Custom. Priced at $33,820, buyers get four doors, chrome, and a freedom-loving V8 in one of America’s best-loved trucks.


2015 Chicago Auto Show

Of the four big auto shows in North America, Chicago is at the bottom. Regardless, automakers and journalists still gather in the Windy City en mass for the mid-winter festivities. Though we’re not on the ground this year, we’ll still be bringing…


Bountiful 'suedecloth' can't hide the old bones on Jaguar's elegant but aging XF

Jaguar’s XF might be based upon a 20-year-old chassis, but from that primordial platform, the Brits have created a very handsome, comfortable and compelling mid-size luxury…

  • Pros: Premium exterior styling , Extremely quiet cabin , Interior…
  • Cons: Dated chassis , Dated tech

Lexus' RC 350 F SPORT lets you drive like a dentist but feel like a playboy

To create the stiff and sporty RC 350 F SPORT luxury coupe, Lexus borrowed from all its recent creations and built a bit of an engineering amalgam. Sadly, with all the attention…

  • Pros: Interior inspired by the LFA supercar , Exquisite chassis…
  • Cons: Polarizing exterior , Antiseptic driving feel , Minimal back…

2015 Detroit Auto Show

The North American International Auto Show — also known as the Detroit Auto Show — used to be the auto show on the planet. After Detroit’s auto industry floundered, though, it lost favor to other global shows in Geneva, LA, and Paris. Now…


Driving 2.0: In-car tablets and self-driving tech transform cars at CES

From tablets to smartwatches to self-driving cars, CES 2015 had loads of realistic and wild future tech from the world’s leading automakers.


Nvidia’s new in-car processors won’t just entertain, they’ll help your car drive itself

Nvidia unveiled two new processors at CES 2015 that will make piloted driving and in-car infotainment more powerful and prevalent than ever before: the Drive PX and CX.


Surprise! Chevy reveals 2016 Volt at CES ahead of Detroit debut

Chevrolet has revealed the 2016 Volt at CES 2015. Sadly, the folks at GM aren't giving any more details.


GM uses OnStar 4G LTE – not a crystal ball – to predict breakdowns before they happen

General Motors announced that it’s rolling out predictive diagnostics on specific 2016 model year vehicles. Using built-in, onboard 4G LTE, OnStar servers can monitor vehicle systems and predict a breakdown before it happens.


Jeep's 2015 Cherokee Trailhawk is a crossover that can roll with big-boy 4x4s

The Jeep Cherokee is back. Entering into its fifth generation, it’s more capable, livable, and well built than ever before. It also adds a much-needed injection of off-roading…

  • Pros: Handling agility , Ride comfort , Confident braking…
  • Cons: Lower than anticipated fuel efficiency , Polarizing front…