DT pick: Best apps of the week

successful-mobile-appsAnother week has come and gone and with it, a slew of new apps. This week’s crop runs the gamet, whether you’re looking for photo-friendly features, to something to wean you off your Angry Birds addiction.

big lensBig Lens

The iPhone has edged even closer to camera territory with the 4S’ bumped up hardware and new photography features included with iOS. Big Lens utilizes the upgrades with a more professional take on camera phone editing than most of the filter-heavy options out there. In addition to these more creative effects, you also get to play around with focus and blur, reduce glare, and adjust aperture. Available for iPhone.

Cost: $0.99


This isn’t a new app, but it has been gaining traction, what with its $3 million in Series A funding and all. Pose is a photo-sharing platform that focuses on fashion, and is reminiscent of the insanely popular What I Wore 2day blog. You can check out other posers, see popular and featured posts, and follow other users to discover and share the latest trends—as well as get input on whether you should shell out your cash for a particular item. It’s available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and coming to WP7 soon. 

Cost: Free

bike baronBike Baron

This iOS game was released only yesterday and it’s already accruing quite the fan following. The motorcycle racing and stunt game has Angry Birds-like graphics and a level editor, which translate into addictive, all-age level fun.

Cost: $0.99


Gogobot is a travel app that can pull your data from Foursquare, Facebook, and the like to fill out your profile. It’s a sleek looking, extremely visual option for mobile travel discovery. And the more you use Gogobot, the more robust your self-written travel guide becomes. Available for iPhone.

Cost: Free


It’s difficult to make an app that tracks your payments engaging, but Lemon somehow manages to. You can scan your physical receipts and the app will decipher and organize the information for you. There’s also the option to add your own tags for later searching. Lemon also offers up reports or your spending, all in a minimalistic, eye-pleasing format. Available for Android and iOS.

Cost: Free

chefs feedChef’s Feed

There are an endless amount of Yelp-like apps that offer restaurant suggestions, and many travel applications are also useful. But Chef’s Feed has a leg up on them, in the form of real suggestions on restaurants from food experts. Some of the names include Mario Batali and Wolfgang Puck, which we’d assume beats out anonymous user reviews. At the moment, the app is only available for NYC, LA, San Francisco, and Chicago restaurants, but will add Seattle, Washington DC, Boston, and Philadelphia soon. It’s available for iPhone, coming soon for Android and BlackBerry.

Cost: Free

fmfFind my friends

How could we not? The new location feature from Apple helps you location other iPhone users in your surroundings. Sure, there’s something of a creepy factor, but it’s undeniably useful come family outings or thick crowds. The Google Maps integration also makes using the app even easier, so  you can use landmarks to location friends. Available for iPhone.

Cost: Free

nba 2k12NBA 2K12  

With the news that the NBA will cut its first two weeks of the basketball season and no end to the lockout in site, we just had to include NBA 2K12. For the first time, the NBA-simulation game is available for iPhone and the crisp graphics and host of features (the “Jordan Challenge,” season mode, and expanded rosters) might comfort those of us still coming to grips with the lack of professional basketball. Available for iPhone.  

Cost: $4.99