Samsung Galaxy S II will come in white

Samsung-Galaxy-S-II-whiteThe Galaxy S II will be making its way to US consumers shortly, and Samsung has definitely been building the anticipation. The next-gen handset has been making waves internationally and bringing in great reviews, all while we stateside users wait and wait and wait.

Next month the Galaxy S II will start popping up on US shelves and from the looks of it, we may have an added option. Of course, nothing is confirmed, but in addition to this image of a white Galaxy S II, UK carriers told ZDNet the new look would be available soon. “Samsung’s Galaxy S II has been hot property this year, so there’s no doubt that this new variant will be very popular, especially amongst our customers who look for a little glamour alongside functionality,” Three, a UK mobile operator, said. Vodafone also confirmed the white handset but couldn’t say when it would be available.

An exact US release date, pricing, and carrier information remains up in the air, but if you want to get the latest news straight from Samsung itself, sign up here.