Windows Phone 7 goes on sale today in the US

Microsoft devotees who have courageously ignored the smartphone siren calls from iPhones and Androids will finally have their patience rewarded. Starting today, US consumers can fork over their hard earned cash in exchange for a Windows Phone 7. Microsoft’s online store is now offering T-Mobile’s HTC HD7, AT&T’s HTC Surround, and AT&T’s Samsung Focus. All phones are being sold for $199.99 with a new contract from the respective carrier. The US isn’t the first market to get the phone with launches occurring in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand last month.

Last week, Dell announced that it would be switching its official company phone – and it’s 25,000 employees – from BlackBerry to its own phone running Windows Phone 7. That announcement was undoubtedly comforting to Microsoft as the company awaits US consumer reception.

Microsoft will reportedly spend around $100 million on a advertising campaign that encourages people to use their phones less – that’s right: not more, but less. Contained within a press release announcing the launch, Microsoft also included findings from a study of “bad mobile phone behavior.”

According to the statistics cited in the release, ” Seventy-two percent identified bad mobile phone behavior as one of their top 10 pet peeves, but only 18 percent of mobile phone owners admit they are guilty of displaying such behavior.” Also, apparently 19 percent of mobile phone users have dropped their phone into a toilet and 69 percent have used their phone in bed. Exactly how the Windows Phone 7 plans to civilize the unwashed smartphone masses remains to be seen, but if it can save a few phones from ending up in a toilet then we’re all for it.

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