Apple rumor: iTV sizes to range from 32 to 55 inches


As expected, the Apple iTV rumors are continuing to trickle out from all over the globe. Today’s rumor comes courtesy of Australian tech site Smarthouse, which claims to have a scoop on the details of the supposedly upcoming Apple iTV, which the site says will come in three sizes, starting at 32-inches and going up to 55-inch, according to “Sources at a major Japanese company who are involved in manufacturing the TV.” The middle size? Well, there’s no word on that, but we’d guess it’ll be around 42-inches, a common increment for high-definition televisions.

In addition to the size specifications, the sources tell Smarthouse that iTV will come loaded with a new, faster processor, which will also power the (also rumored) iPad 3. This has commonly been referred to as the “A6” CPU. Apple’s iTV — or whatever it may be called — will also include Siri, the voice-controlled artificial intelligence software that is currently exclusive to the iPhone 4S, the publication reports. The Siri rumor is something we’ve been hearing for some time, and gained steam due to a section of Walter Isaacson’s biography of the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs,  in which Jobs claimed the iTV would have “the simplest user interface you could imagine.”

In terms of release date, Pipper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster has long held the reigns on this rumor wagon, saying that Apple will release the iTV in mid-2012. Other’s claim release won’t come until early in 2013.

All of this is solidly in the realm of speculation, remember, so make sure to have your salt shakers handy anytime you read anything about the iTV. Still, the Jobs biography does lend some credence to rumors that Apple is, at least, considering the release of such a product.

(via AppleInsider)