Apple’s Black Friday Deals Offers a MacBook Pro for $1098 and More

apple-macbook-proLove it or hate it, Apple produces the most popular MP3 players on the market (the ubiquitous iPod). And its laptops/desktops offer a nice set of hardware in a small package, albeit at a high price.

But for one day Apple’s prices, typically somewhat high, are dipping lower, making them a bit more palatable for shoppers. The Apple international holiday sales event coincides with America’s tradition of Black Friday. For those not in the know, Black Friday is a sadistic tradition of waking up at ungodly hours on the Friday after Thanksgiving, after stuffing yourself full of tryptophan-laden turkey the day before (or perhaps Tofurky, for the vegetarians).

Black Friday, though, is music to Apple Shoppers’ ears. For one day only the company is offering its shoppers savings of $11 on the new iPod Nano, making it only $138 for the 8 GB unit and $168 for the 16 GB unit. The new Nano comes with a built in camera, FM Tuner, and a glaring array of 9 colors.

But the iPod deals don’t end there. Apple is offering its 8, 32, and 64 GB iPod Touches for $178, $268, and $368, a savings of $21, $31, and $41 dollars respectively. Apple is offering free engraving on any of the “new” iPod models ordered in the story today.

Apple’s also is offering some decent size cuts to its MacBook Pro pricing. It’s offering $101 off all its aluminum unibody MacBook Pro models and its 21.5-inch or 27-inch iMac desktops (beware some iMac units are reportedly shipping damaged). The discounts bring the entry-level price of a MacBook Pro to $1098 (for the cheapest 13-inch model) and the iMac’s to $1098 (for the cheapest 21.5-inch model).

Apple is also offering its Apple TV for $21 off ($208). Unlike most Apple products, Apple TV hasn’t gained much traction, but Apple is surely hoping the sales will give it a slight boost. Apple is offering a plethora of other software and accessories and reduced prices. Among the notable entries are the iWork Suite ($30 off) and the Nike+iPod Sensor ($5 off).

Apple is offering free shipping on any order over $50. The discounts this year are in line with last year’s, and less than the supposed leaked Apple ad, first aired by Boy Genius Report, which proved to be a farce. That ad had claimed that Apple was going to offer up to 25 percent off its MacBook Pro lineup and other bigger discounts. The graphic for the actual ad did pop up about a week ago, in a second leak, which proved true this time.