Xbox 360 Buyers Guide: Controllers

One of the most important elements in a video game experience is the controller. You can have pretty graphics and a great game storyline, but if your controller sucks then it’s all downhill from there. Controllers for the Xbox 360 range the gamut from wired to wireless to the more exotic, like steering wheels with vibration feedback. To help you get started in picking out the best Xbox 360 controller for your needs we’ve listed some of the more popular ones on the market today for you to browse.

MadCatz GamePad ProMadCatz Game Pad Pro
Take a step above your average Xbox 360 controller with the MadCatz Game Pad Pro. Available in white or black colors, the well regarded Game Pad Pro is designed to bring you improved comfort and control. It offers rubber pads along the sides for better handling and enhanced vibration feedback for a better gaming experience. Other features include angled shoulder buttons, a more precise eight way D pad, low riding analog sticks and an analog joystick invert switch. The MadCatz Game Pad Pro retails for $34.99 USD. Company website; Check Prices

Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Racing WheelMicrosoft Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel
If you’re looking for a great way to truly enjoy racing games on your Xbox 360, you should consider taking the Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel out for a spin. This wireless driving wheel has a real world automotive design to provide a more authentic racing experience and comes with a foot pedal box to boot. Dual “Rumble” motors and “Force Feedback” are geared to let you experience the shaking wheel effect as you zip around corners on compatible Xbox 360 games. Unfortunately you can’t steer around the price, a whopping $149.99 USD. Company Website; Check Prices

Pelican PL-3601 TSZPelican PL-3601 TSZ Wired Controller
The Pelican PL-3601 is an officially licensed Xbox 360 controller and is considered by many to be one of the most authentic recreations of the original controller out there. This controller comes in four different color choices including camoflauge and offers features such as a 10″ USB 2.0 cable, 360 menu button and full Xbox Live voice support. The Pelican PL-3601 TSZ Wired Controller will fly off store shelves thanks to a $24.99 USD price tag. Company Website; Check Prices

MadCatz Arcade GameStickMadCatz Arcade GameStick
Gamers wanting to recreate the classic feel of retro video game controllers via their Xbox 360 will find the MadCatz Arcade GameStick to their liking. This old school looking controller has an authentic full-height joystick as well as a 360-degree spinner control for a new type of gaming experience. It is PC USB compatible and comes with three Xbox Live Arcade games including an Xbox Live Gold trial membership. Pick one up for $59.99. Company Website

Logitech DruveFX Racing WheelLogitech DriveFX Racing Wheel
If you want a third party racing wheel to zoom down the virtual track of your favorite Xbox 360 game consider the Logitech DriveFX Racing Wheel. This Logitech gaming accessory has its own feedback style technology to offer a greater feeling from ordinary vibration effects in compatible games. A wide variety of features are available including wheel-mounted paddles, a gas and break pedal box, 10″ steering wheel with rubber grips, a dual clamping system and a headset expansion port for Xbox Live gameplay. If the Microsoft branded wheel is out of your price range, consider the Logitech DriveFX Racing Wheel an option for only $99 USD. Company Website; Check Prices