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toyota robot mirrors movement 20171121 03 01

Like a mechanical shadow, Toyota’s new robot mimics your movements in real time

Toyota's latest, third-generation humanoid robot is capable of exactly mimicking its operator’s movements.
Toyota Logo

Toyota to produce more hybrid electric vehicles in China and India

Toyota announced its plan to accelerate electric vehicle initiatives in China and India, with ambitious plans for 2020.
electric car or electrified car chevy bolt

Electric car, or electrified car? We decode this obnoxious industry jargon

An electric car is electrified, but an electrified car isn't electric. Confused? Let us explain the difference between the two.
Toyota Platform 2.1 self-driving car

Toyota to put its driverless car through ‘extreme’ testing in California

Toyota is gearing up to put its latest autonomous vehicle technology through "extreme" testing on a closed driving course in California.
Toyota Hilux

The Toyota Hilux becomes an RC car for grown-ups (batteries not required)

Starting with a modern-day Toyota Hilux, the company has built a remote-controlled car for grown-ups with a surprisingly accurate design.
Best cars for new drivers

From microcars to pickups to hybrids, here are the best cars for new drivers

What are the best cars for new drivers? From SUVs to hatchbacks, and even electric cars, here are 10 possibilities.
2018 Toyota Corolla

2018 Toyota Corollas are competition for the only slightly larger Camry sedan

The 2018 Toyota Corollas are the value leaders in their classes with a full array of safety, comfort, and convenience features.
Mazda Toyota

Mazda, Toyota hold hands as they surf the industry’s electric car wave

Mazda, Toyota, and Denso will jointly develop modular electric car components capable of power a wide selection of electric cars.
Toyota Platform 2.1 self-driving car

Toyota’s latest self-driving car prototype has two steering wheels

Toyota built a new self-driving car prototype with two steering wheels to test how humans and machines can share driving duties.
Toyota Supra

1,400-horsepower Toyota Supra gets us excited for the next-gen model

Really fast in stock form, the Toyota Supra is of the most tuner-friendly cars of the past couple of decades.
2014 Toyota Rav4 Limted front badge

Toyota patents a device that could make car pillars transparent

Toyota patented a system that uses mirrors to let drivers see around car roof pillars, effectively rendering them "invisible."
Toyota Lexus LS self-driving car

Toyota will use the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to showcase self-driving cars

Toyota will bring a fleet of self-driving cars to the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, according to an executive.
2014 Toyota Corolla S back logo

Toyota may come out with a game-changing electric car for 2022

Toyota is planning a long-range electric car that will be able to recharge in just a few minutes, according to a new report.
toyota home support robot army vet hsr

Toyota’s latest robot can help the disabled with tasks around the home

Watch Toyota's video showing the debut outing of its Human Support Robot designed to carry out everyday tasks for those with disabilities.
toyota racing woes 2017 le mans tjm1617ap358

Why Toyota’s first-ever Le Mans win continues to elude

toyota ts050 clutch failure explained quotes reasons 24 hours of le mans

Did Toyota lose the 24 Hours of Le Mans because of a simple thumbs-up?

Toyota's TS050 Hybrid was widely expected to win this year's 24 Hours of Le Mans, but it dropped out of the race due to a clutch failure
2017 24 Hours of Le Mans

24 Hours of Le Mans again proves to be one of the toughest tests in racing

The 24 Hours of Le Mans proved especially brutal this year. Once again, Porsche came out on top, scoring its 19th win at the legendary race.

Become a 24 Hours of Le Mans expert with this quick primer

Toyota TS050 Hybrid 2017 24 Hours of Le Mans

See what it’s like to go flat out at the Le Mans circuit

Le Mans is one of the most grueling challenges in racing. See what it's like to lap Le Mans' Circuit de la Sartre at a blistering pace.
toyota heart monitoring cars michigan medical

Toyota is researching heart-monitoring cars that could prevent crashes

Toyota is looking to embed technology into cars that can predict drivers' medical emergencies and bring the vehicle to a quick and safe stop.

Toyota has its eye on the sky as it backs ambitious flying car project

Toyota is showing in an interest in flying cars after it backed a local group of engineers currently developing their own dual-use vehicle.
giant mech punches prius screen shot 2017 06 02 at 19 31 15

Watch a giant, star-spangled mech destroy a Prius, because ‘Murica

Ever wonder how a giant star-spangled mech trains to do battle? You won't any more after you watch it punch a Prius to death.
toyota supra abandoned in japan mountains unrecoverable

An abandoned Toyota Supra haunts the mountains of Japan

An A70 Toyota Supra was found abandoned in the mountains of Japan. It likely ended up in the valley during a race or drift session.
Toyota Land Speed Cruiser

Toyota’s 2,000-horsepower Land Speed Cruiser hits a supercar-rivaling 230 mph

The Toyota Land Speed Cruiser reached a top speed of 230.2 mph in the hands of recently-retired NASCAR driver Carl Edwards.
2017 toyota prius prime review exterior  7

2017 Toyota Prius Prime Review

The Toyota Prius Prime adds plug-in power over the standard Prius, in addition to a suite of smart features that make it a strong contender in this class.
Toyota GT4586

The GT4586 is a custom-built Toyota 86 coupe that swallowed a Ferrari V8

With time, patience, and a lot of fabrication work, Tuerck and his team dropped a Ferrari V8 in the Toyota 86's tight engine bay.
Toyota 86 vs. Chrysler Pacifica drag race

Would you bet on a Chrysler minivan to outrun a Toyota sports car?

A Chrysler Pacifica with a 287-horsepower V6 recently smoked Toyota's acclaimed 86, and the drag race was caught on video.
Nissan Rogue One Star Wars

Our favorite interactive and unique exhibits at the New York Auto Show

Some of the most unique exhibits and booths at the 2017 New York Auto Show.
Toyota Project Portal hydrogen fuel-cell truck

Toyota’s ‘Project Portal’ brings a hydrogen-powered big rig to L.A.

Toyota is launching "Project Portal," a testing program for a prototype hydrogen fuel-cell truck at the Port of Los Angeles.
toyota leg brace japan robot

Toyota unveils robotic leg brace to help give paralyzed patients their mobility back

Toyota unveiled a new robotic leg brace at its head office in Tokyo today, which may help bring mobility back to partially paralyzed people.
Toyota FT-4X Concept

Toyota’s FT-4X concept is ready for adventure so you don’t have to be

Developed for millennials who live and work in the city, it previews what a successor to the rugged FJ Cruiser could look like.
2017 toyota ts050 hybrid le mans gazoo

After a crushing defeat last year, will 2017 finally be Toyota’s year at Le Mans?

The 2017 Toyota TS050 Hybrid aims to give Toyota its first Le Mans victory after a heartbreaking defeat last year.
Toyota hybrid boat

Toyota’s hybrid boat will begin testing in the Port of Tokyo in 2018

Toyota's Ponam-28V is the first leisure craft with a parallel hybrid drive system. The Tokyo government will begin testing it in 2018.
does hydrogen make sense as an automotive fuel car 2

Hydrogen cars are here, but should you put one in your driveway?