CES 2021

Once the name CES stood for Consumer Electronics Show. But the trade show has evolved with the tech industry it reflects; tech touches our lives in a myriad of ways today, with smart cities and cars joining smartphones at the cutting edge, and the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence tying it all together. For 2021, CES will be an online-only event, running from January 6 to 9. And Digital Trends will (virtually) be there through it all, bringing you every Alexa-enabled device, every new laptop and digital camera, and every way tech shapes the way you live today.

CES 2021 gets new dates, Verizon CEO to give keynote

CES 2021, which is adopting an all-digital format due to the pandemic, has been bumped back a week into early January, organizers announced Thursday.

CES 2021 is officially an online-only event

It will be an 'all-digital experience' ... but what does that mean?
Tech Trends to watch for at CES 2019

Wayzn sliding glass door opener can let pets out when you’re not home

When your four-legged friend approaches the door, it opens automatically
open sliding doors remotely with wayzn glass door opener

The Amaryllo Athena security camera can spot fires, animals, cars, and people

The Amaryllo Athena is a smart camera with several interesting capabilities unlike anything on the market.
amaryllo athena smart camera that identifies fires animals

The Wazo Home Security System can recognize knives and guns

At CES 2020, Wazo demonstrated a security camera and A.I. that can detect weapons in the hands of intruders.
wazo home security system can detect weapons falls ces 2020

The KamiBaby baby monitor magnifies your little one’s breathing

Way beyond video: This baby monitor analyzes breathing and sleep patterns to give parents vital information
kamibaby baby monitor analyzes your babys breathing sleep

Qualcomm’s self-driving car made me never want to touch a steering wheel again

At CES 2020, Qualcomm announced a new platform for self-driving cars, called Snapdragon Ride. Qualcomm gave me a ride in a Lincoln MKZ that had been tricked out with the new platform.
Qualcomm's self-driving Lincoln MKZ at CES 2020

In St. Noire, Alexa plays a detective helping you solve a Clue-like mystery 

Lose yourself in the streets of St. Noire, a town with a killer on the loose. You need Alexa to help you solve the crime by questioning suspects and finding the murder weapon.
St Noire Alexa Board Game CES 2020

Why you should wait to buy a new 2020 TV

You may be tempted to pick up a new TV right now, but this year patience will be rewarded. The TVs due to hit store shelves for 2020 are worth the wait. Here's why.
TCL’s 8K Vidrian mini-LED

Where’s the green? CES 2020 was surprisingly low on environmental tech

CES is stuffed with every type of tech you can imagine. Unfortunately, that doesn't include environmental tech
man installing solar panels

Dolby Atmos is great for movies, but wait till you hear what it does for music

At CES 2020, I was given a rare treat: A demo that showcased multiple classic tracks mixed in Dolby Atmos Music, and played back on a high-end Atmos setup. And it was glorious.
Dolby Atmos Music front

Personalized beauty tech will shake the very foundation of the skincare industry

Long-established beauty brands can customize products for every individual's skin, with high-tech tools, easy-to-use apps, and a treasure trove of data, all on display at CES.
personalized beauty tech ces 2020 neutrogena skin360 loreal perso skincare

The best booths at CES 2020

CES is the one of the most impressive tech conventions in the world, but the gadgets aren't the only things on display. This year's booths were elaborate, and sometimes a little wild. Here are the best booths we saw at CES 2020.
LG Booth CES 2020

Where were all the cameras at CES? 2020 will see fewer, but better, releases

Only two major camera makers showed something at CES, yet innovation is still alive in hybrid DSLRs and modular action cams.
canon eos 1d x mark iii proves ready to lead video leader 2

Wireless power over distance creeps closer to your home at CES 2020

Here's a look some of the companies showing off wireless power over a distance at CES 2020, as well as an analysis of where the industry is and what barriers remain to consumer products hitting the market.
GuRu wireless power over distance

The best smartphones of CES 2020: Samsung, TCL, OnePlus, and more

CES is not always a big show for mobile, with many manufacturers waiting until Mobile World Congress to reveal new devices. But this year, there were plenty of new phones to see. Here are the best.
OnePlus Concept

CES 2020 Day 4 Recap: Top tech, a tattoo printer, & the products we loved

CES is nearly over. Today, Thursday, January 9, is the last chance for most people to try out the coolest tech. Here are the latest updates from the Digital Trends crew on the ground at the show.
prinker s tattoo printer news pictures video hands on price ces 2020 printing

AMD vs. Intel at CES 2020: Here’s how the chips fell this year

Intel didn't show much to exite at CES 2020, while AMD showed its most impressive products to date. With no sign of Intel's next-gen desktop CPUs, Intel has a lot to prove this year.
intel tiger lake

The AMD Radeon 5600 XT seems poised to be the GTX 1060 of this generation

The GTX 1060 is still one of the most popular graphics cards in use, but as it begins to show its age, AMD has launched the new RX 5600 XT to take its place.
can amd radeon 5600 xt replace gtx 1060 ces 2020 rx 03

Digital Trends Live: Day 4 from the Consumer Electronics Show

It’s Day 4 of the Consumer Electronics Show, which means another special episode of Digital Trends Live. On today’s show, hosts Greg Nibler and Maude Garrett bring you a full day of coverage, highlights, and trending tech stories.
episode 290 960x0

The best headphones of CES 2020: Shure, Panasonic, Jabra, and more

CES is a headphone lover's dream, offering all the coolest new models coming to market this year. We've picked out our absolute favorites so you can find the best of the best.
best headphones ces 2020 technics eah az70w

The best soundbars of CES 2020: Vizio, TCL, LG, and more

CES 2020 is loaded with cool gear, including some of the best soundbars you'll see this year. We've collected the best the show has to offer so you can get a jumpstart on the new decade.
Vizio Elevate Dolby Atmos-enabled soundbar

GuRu’s robot could charge up your devices wirelessly over a distance

This new player in the wireless charging power over distance scene showed us three impressive demonstrations, including a charging robot, at CES 2020.
GuRu wireless power over distance

HBO’s Westworld-themed Incite dinner made me question everything

At CES 2020, HBO held an intimate dinner with a select group of journalists and show attendees as a promotion for Westworld season 3. But at this dinner, nothing was as it seemed.

The best monitors of CES 2020: Lenovo, Samsung, Acer, and more

CES 2020 has lots on show, including fantastic monitors. These are our favorites so far. There are monitors with high refresh rates, and others with great color clarity. But they're all special.

The ThinkPad X1 Fold made me a believer in the foldable PC

Plenty of experimental products claim to evolve laptops to their next form. But at CES 2020, I tried out the ThinkPad X1 Fold, a foldable PC, and it made me a believer
lenovo thinkpad x1 fold made me believer in folding pcs ces 2020 2 01

LG’s new Dolby Atmos soundbars use A.I. for automatic room calibration

LG's 2020 collection of soundbars feature Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, as well as a new feature that lets them automatically adjust their settings based on the acoustics of the room using A.I.
lg ces 2020 dolby atmos soundbars with ai

The best concept cars of CES 2020: Audi, Sony, Mercedes, and more

Wild concept cars are one of our favorite parts of CES, and carmakers did not disappoint in 2020. From an Avatar-inspired car to the first-ever car from Sony, these were the concepts that caught our eye.
FCA Airflow Concept Car CES 2020

Bosch Kiox and SmartphoneHub hands-on: The sleek displays e-bikes deserve

I cycled 13 miles through Red Rock Canyon outside Las Vegas to check out a pair of onboard cycling computers from Bosch. I came away convinced these are the displays modern e-bikes deserve.
bosch kiox smartphonehub cycling computer ces 2020 hands on features price photos 1

This ingenious invention highlights mosquitoes so you can murder them faster

Few things are more frustrating than being jolted awake by the high-pitched whine of a mosquito, floating through the darkness with a taste for your blood. This laser tracking system could help.
bzigo laser tracking mosquito system

Want to shake hands with the future? Check out this brain-controlled prosthetic

Shaking hands with BrainCo's A.I.-powered prosthetic hand is like shaking hands with the future. Here's what it's able to do, and how it could help transform life for amputees everywhere.
BrainCo Dexus prosthetic arm

Sleep Number’s Climate360 smart bed warms and cools sleepers for better comfort

To get a better night’s sleep in 2020, Sleep Number debuted a new smart bed at CES this week that is sure to lull even insomniacs to sleep by controlling the bed's temperature. The Climate360 creates microclimates on each side of the bed.
sleep numbers climate360 smart bed at ces 2020 climate 360 45 degree r2 tk

I met Samsung’s artificial humans, and they showed me the future of A.I.

Neon's CEO has talked about his complex vision of the future, where we live alongside digital humans that look like us, move like us, and can think, learn, and remember.
neon artificial human ces 2020 face

The PowerEgg X is a 4K handheld camera that’s also a waterproof drone

PowerVision's latest drone debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show on Monday night, with A.I. that tracks subjects better than most drones we've seen so far.
PowerVision PowerEgg X

The camera lenses on OnePlus’s concept phone disappear with a zap of electricity

OnePlus has publicly shown off a concept phone called the OnePlus Concept One, and it uses electrochromic glass to hide the multiple camera lenses on the back away until they're needed.
oneplus concept one ces 2020 top

The best TVs of CES 2020: Samsung, Philips, LG, and more

CES is about all kinds of tech, but the TV is the king of the show, and CES 2020 was no exception. Though it was a year of evolution rather than revolution, the top brands still had plenty on tap,
TCL 6-Series mini-LED TV

Fisker delays EMotion sedan to focus on Ocean, develop new battery tech

The EMotion concept introduced at CES 2018 remains on track for production, but it's now scheduled to arrive after the Ocean shown at CES 2020. Fisker told Digital Trends it wants to focus on cheaper, more volume-oriented models.

Canon wants to ease pain of culling photos in Lightroom with this A.I. plug-in

Sorting through large amounts of photos in Lightroom is time-consuming -- but Canon is working on an A.I. that will do it for you. Canon Photo Culling Plugin works with Lightroom to find the sharpest shots.
Adobe Lightroom CC iMac

Exclusive: Google reveals 2,000-person diversity and inclusion product team

Google has built a 2,000-person strong team of what it calls Inclusion Champions over the last three years to help develop new products for people of all kinds.

Prinker’s awesome tattoo printer inks you instantly, but not forever

Fancy a tattoo but not the commitment? Check out the Prinker S, a temporary tattoo printer for your skin that works so fast, there's no time for regret.
prinker s tattoo printer news pictures video hands on price ces 2020 printing

Elliptic Labs gesture controls and presence detection coming to your living room

Elliptic Labs has developed technology that uses ultrasound to enable to you to make gestures in the air to control a speaker or another device and also just to detect your presence.
Elliptic Labs Texas Instruments audio amplifier

The Asus Chakram was the best mouse of CES 2020 — and the most interesting

The Asus Chakram is one of the most intriguing mice we've ever seen and it's the best at CES 2020. With a detachable joystick that lets you fly planes in all axis, it's a unique wireless rodent.
best mice ces 2020 asus chakram mouse 01

5G laptops finally made their big splash at CES 2020. But will it matter?

Today's mobile workforce is about to gain an unprecedented value: Thanks to 5G, laptops will connect to the internet at Wi-Fi speeds, making it possible to work and play wherever you go.
Cristiano Amon at CES 2020

The coolest products Samsung showed off at CES: Ballie, Neon, and lots of TVs

Samsung showed off some new and groundbreaking tech at CES. In case you missed all the cool things announced, here is our roundup of all the Samsung tech that impressed us the most.
Samsung's ball-shaped robot, called Ballie.

The best robot vacuums of CES 2020: Lucy, Narwal T10, RoboVac G30 Edge, and more

CES 2020 had some interesting robot vacs debut this year. Here are the smart vacuum cleaners that we've liked so far, including Trifo's Lucy and RoboVac G30 Edge by Eufy.
Narwal T10 self cleaning robot vac

The coolest things LG showed off at CES 2020: Roll-up TVs, smart doors, and A.I.

From doors of the future to an indoor garden that plugs inside refrigerators, LG came loaded to CES 2020 with a banquet of whizzy appliances. Here’s our roundup of all the coolest things LG announced at CES 2020.
lg rollable oled tv ces 2020 aircraft

Windows 10X was a no-show at CES 2020, and that’s a problem

We've seen tons of concepts at CES 2020, but there's one key thing missing. Most of these concept devices are running Windows 10. Laptop makers, and even Intel, have not at all showcased the specialized version of Windows -- known as Windows 10X.
windows 10 x not at ces 2020 thinkpad x1 fold 10x

This is Intel’s first desktop graphics card, and I just played Warframe on it

Intel's been keeping its new DG1 discrete graphics card under wraps. Until now. We had the chance to play Warframe on Intel's desktop graphics card at a private event.
Intel DG1