Fancy a huge 4K monitor to replace your old big-screen TV? Meet this 40-inch Philips

a huge 4k philips monitor could replace your big screen tv bdm4065uc

If you’ve ever considered stepping into a new technology era and ditching your conventional TV set for a monitor that can be easily connected to a traditional desktop PC, mini-PC or streaming media player, now may be a good time to take the dream one step closer to reality.

Philips has a TV-sized monitor to tempt you with, and while it’s primarily targeted at graphic artists in need of large work areas, it could well act as a multi-purpose entertainment device. The BDM4065UC is actually distributed by MMC, a Philips partner licensed to market and sell the Dutch company’s products.

Hopefully, that doesn’t mean availability will be restricted to a handful of European countries. It’d really be a great shame given the thing isn’t just freakishly big. It’s also pretty impressive from a specification standpoint, with 3,840 x 2,160 resolution, aka 4K or Ultra HD. The 60 Hz refresh rate will ensure while smooth motion and 1.07 billion colors are supported.

A VA-LCD panel is used to provide flawless details and bright colors however tight the angle you’re checking out “Interstellar” from. Brightness levels can hit 300 cd/m2. That specification has become common among high-end monitors.

Photographers, videographers, image editors and other professionals in related fields can use MultiView to display up to four Full HD inputs from different devices simultaneously. Or you can watch four football games at the same time, at FHD quality.

A number of “smart” Philips-exclusive technologies are employed to speed up the typical response time from 8.5 gray to gray ms to 3, and crank up the contrast ratio from 5,000:1 to 50,000,000:1 (yes, that’s 50 million). Of course, contrast ratios tend to be massively over-stated, so real contrast is no doubt much lower.

Then you have “SmartConnect”, which includes all the ports you could ever need, from USB 3.0 to VGA, DP, mini DP, HDMI and MHL. The Philips BDM4065UC is quite the looker too, with almost no bezels. This enables easy side-by-side panoramic views for people who think just one 40-inch monitor is not enough.

Granted, putting two 40-inch monitors next to each another sounds bonkers, but once you get a taste of the 4K experience and the colossal screen real estate you may not be able to control yourself. The quad-FHD capability could also make this a practical alternative in industries that need large arrays of displays.

Its possible the BDM4065UC will never go on sale stateside. For the moment, we only know it’s headed to the UK, where it’s priced at the equivalent of $860 (GBP 549).